Floor Cleaning Machines - Buying Guide

Floor Cleaning Machines - Overview

Gone are the days when the only way to clean floors and removing stubborn stains was through mopping and scrubbing manually. With technological advancement and emphasis on clean and hygienic homes and industrial surroundings, many types of floor cleaning machines are available now. A floor cleaning machine is one type of cleaning equipment that is ideal to help get sparkling clean floors and create a hygienic workplace. Cleanliness at the workplace also creates a positive impact on workers and visitors alike, and improves the profitability of the business.

Most facilities today use floor cleaning machines along with the usual mops, floor scrubbers, floor buffers, carpet cleaning equipment, and other floor cleaning machines for daily cleaning routines. Currently, there are hundreds of floor cleaning machines available on the market, which makes the process of evaluating the best machine for your needs truly challenging. If you too are considering buying a floor cleaning machine, this article is for you.

Floor cleaning machines are used within most industries, food manufacturing plants, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and many other places to create clean and hygienic surroundings. You can use hard surface cleaning machines for cleaning driveways/sideways, cleaning garages, cleaning decks, and much more. Floor cleaning machines are therefore ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning jobs.

Below is list of important features we believe are important when you review and consider buying a reliable and effective floor cleaning machine for your facility or janitorial business. To begin, consider your cleaning requirements that include -- surfaces and areas you need to clean, frequency of cleaning, amount of dirt, types of stains, your cleaning staff, etc.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Floor Cleaning Machine

What surfaces can a floor cleaning machine clean? Are they effective on stains, dirt and grease deposits? Buy a floor cleaning machine that can clean most surfaces, such as tile/grout, quarry, travertine, limestone, marble, granite, V.C.T, sport tile, and more. In industrial plants and commercial establishments, many stains and grease deposit on floor surfaces. Dirt accumulates, especially in corners. You must ensure the floor cleaning machine can help you get rid of stains like tire marks and grease, etc.

Daimer's excellent floor cleaning machines are very versatile and effective on soiled or greased floors. With its various attachments, high pressure water flow and nozzles, you can effectively reach corners attaining maximum efficiency. Daimer's machines are ideal for indoor or outdoor hard surface floor cleaning. We suggest pre-spraying the surface with our Eco-Green completely environmentally-safe degreaser to increase the floor cleaning machine's cleaning power dramatically.

Does the floor cleaning machine offer multiple functionalities? All kinds to cleaning jobs need to be performed while cleaning facilities, so you receive a bonus if your floor cleaning machine can perform multiple cleaning jobs aside from just cleaning floors.You should be pleased to know Daimer's XTreme Power HS 14000 hard surface floor cleaning machines with a patented, motorized spinning blade work as a pressure washer, commercial industrial extractor, carpet cleaner, and upholstery cleaner. You only need to attach an optional pressure washer wand, carpet cleaning wand, upholstery cleaning tool, and use it according to the particular cleaning job.

The XTreme Power HS 14000's powerful 1500 psi pressure washer will allow you to perform various cleaning jobs like cleaning decks, drive ways, vehicles, building exteriors, and much more. You can even clean walls by replacing the standard 19" spinning system with our optional 9" spinner.

What are our specialized floor cleaning machine's technologically advanced features? We encourage you to review the floor cleaning machine's features in terms of ease of use, functionality, cleaning effectiveness and price, etc.

Read reviews and do a comparative study. Here are a few things that you must consider:

Solution Tank and Recovery Tanks: Check the solution and recovery tank capacity. A large solution tank allows you to avoid frequent refilling and recovery tanks allow performing the cleaning job neatly without any mess. The standard auto-fill and auto-dump features allow you to use the floor cleaning machine without the need to manually refill the machine with water. The floor cleaning machine actually draws water into the machine when the water level drops to a certain level. The auto-dump feature triggers automatic water release whenever the water level reached a specific height within the recovery chamber. The floor cleaning machine's large tank sizes means few dump-and-fill cycles, better cleaning and enhanced productivity. Daimer's floor cleaning machine's come with a solution tank capacity of 13 gallons and recovery tank capacity of 15 gallons, which are perfect to accomplish large cleaning jobs.

Speed to Clean: Go for a floor cleaning machine that performs cleaning jobs quickly. This will help you concentrate on other cleaning activities effectively especially if you are a janitor. Also check if the machine offers fast drying times as it helps in resuming work quickly and saves time.

Daimer's XP-HSC14000 hard surface floor cleaning machine cleans at great speed and is a true workhorse. It can clean up to 1000 sq. feet per hour as the water blade spins at a FAST 1000 rpm. In fact, the floor cleaning machine is 10 times faster than other machines and facilitates fast drying. You can depend on it for any type of floor cleaning jobs and is ideal for cleaning and extracting simultaneously. The floor cleaning machine is ideal to prevent dirty water from flowing down storm drains to meet EPA requirements when cleaning outside.

Water usage: Go for floor cleaning machines that use less water, which reduces the mess while cleaning. Less water usage also means reduced dump and fill cycles aside from fast drying times. Daimer's floor cleaning machines clean without any mess due to water and is suitable for deal for restoration, flood damage, post construction, hazmat, stripping wax, large area surface cleaning, and much more. You can use it easily even on the most porous surfaces safely at maximum force. You can perform the cleaning job without any mess due to water overflow.

Motor driven technology: Select floor cleaning equipment with motor driven technology as it increases the effectiveness of the machine. Daimer's machine comes with a powerful 2 - 2 stage motors.Its electronically controlled blades spin constantly for great cleaning.

Last but not the least, check the quality of housing material, warranty, and features such as large wheels as they help in moving the machine conveniently.

Is it the best value for the money?

Evaluate the floor cleaning machine while considering how it will meet your specific cleaning applications Is it the best floor cleaning machine for the money? Will it help you take your janitorial business to the next level? If you are buying it for your own commercial facility cleaning, is it worth the price and will it help you create a cleaner workplace by saving precious time. Buy a floor cleaning machine with increased cleaning efficiency that will help you attain the best out of the investment in terms of saving time, quality of cleaning job, and ultimately the profitability of your business. Even if you need to spend a bit extra, don't compromise on quality since cleaning machines are a one time investment. Buying a low quality machine with low cleaning performance would be a complete wastage.

Is the floor cleaning machine easy to maintain?

When considering any cleaning machine for purchase, check out what you need to do to maintain the machine. A floor cleaning machine that does not require any complicated maintenance is just right for you. Daimer's machines are not only easy to maintain, but also are EPA friendly, environmentally-safe floor cleaning machines.

What kind of accessories and attachments are offered with the floor cleaning machines?

Since there are all kinds of simple and complicated floor cleaning jobs, make sure that the machine comes with suitable attachments to make the job easy for you. Daimer's HSC 14000 offers a solid squeegee wand with grip handle and 4 jets to clean while extracting tight areas, corners, etc. with 1500 psi force! This makes it ideal to clean toilet areas, under tables in restaurants, corners, edges, and more! Other optional attachments included carpet wand, pressure washer wand, nozzles, 25 feet solution hose, and 25 feet vacuum hose. The machine also has large wheels for easy maneuverability across and around floors as well as up and down stairs. Determine the hard surface cleaning machines' targeted applications.

We are pleased to state Daimer's hard surface floor cleaning machines can be used within the following facilities:

Long-Term Care Facilities, Day Care /Child Care centers, Nurseries/Nursery Schools.Educational Institutions - Colleges and Universities, K-12, Primary and Secondary Schools Hotels, Fast Food Restaurants, Caterers, Retail and Commercial Bakeries
Health Clubs and Fitness Clubs
Retail Stores and Shopping Malls
Airports and Railways Stations
Manufacturing Plants and Industrial Facilities
Hospitals, Elderly Care/Nursing Homes, and Rehabilitation Centers

Daimer's floor cleaning machines are high powered, versatile and durable, cleaning machines for performing all kinds of commercial and large floor cleaning jobs without any hassle. They offer superb cleaning performance, and are used successfully by thousands of industrial owners, janitors, commercial cleaning services providers. Review our the complete features of Daimer's floor cleaning machines now! Read about our steam cleaners, pressure washers, and carpet cleaners to target most other floor cleaning applications besides those satisfied by the HSC 14000 hard surface floor cleaning machine.

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