1701 - 1900 PSI Models

1701 - 1900 PSI Models
10 1701 - 1900 PSI Models
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1701 - 1900 PSI Models

Vapor-Flo® Electric Pressure Washer - 1800 PSI

Daimer®'s 1800 psi electric pressure washer systems are among one or the most versatile ranges of cleaning machines available. This range of Vapor-Flo® machines boasts pressure levels of 1701 - 1900 psi, flow rates from 0.4 to 2.0 GPM, and temperature levels from 140°F to 205°F paired with high quality components for enhanced cleaning productivity and prolonged machine life. After all, quality and power are two aspects Daimer® knows well.

Electric Powered Pressure Washing

The 1800 electric pressure washer systems boast a variety of different power configurations to meet the electrical requirements in virtually every country around the world. Whether you seek 50 Hz or 60 Hz, single or three phase, or varying voltages, Daimer® has a Vapor-Flo® pressure cleaning machine for you.

Besides powering the motor, electricity also heats water to as high as 205 degrees Fahrenheit within these Vapor-Flo® models, enhancing user convenience. In contrast, many machines on the market require an alternate fuel source for heating.

The stainless steel heating element can withstand 10-25 KW of heat energy as well as the high pressure levels up to 2175 psi, the maximum pressure level offered in the Vapor-Flo® line.

Many Options - Pressure Washer Features & Specifications

Daimer®'s experience in the pressure washer market has enabled them to understand and gauge the varying requirements of customers. After all, commercial and industrial users face an assortment of different applications, all requiring unique power levels and technologies. Therefore, Daimer® electric pressure washers are available in a range of power, heating, mobility, and water tank access options to meet the needs virtually all commercial and industrial applications.

Temperature levels range from 140°F to 205°F, with higher temperature levels capable of more quickly dissolving stubborn residues and stains. Cold, or room temperature, water may also be used with these machines for light commercial applications. Vapor-Flo® systems may be purchased with pressure levels ranging from 1450 to 2175 psi and flow rates from 0.4 to 2.0 GPM, providing the right amount of power for your applications. To find the right machine for you, consult a Daimer® product specialist.

Let's look at a few specific models to examine their power and versatility. The Vapor-Flo® 7575 can heat water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit in 20 seconds, uses a 440V 50 Hz power method, has a powder-coated steel, corrosion-resistant casing, and allows the user to access the water tank from the top of the machine for enhanced user convenience. This machine is wheel mounted for easy mobility. On the other hand, the Vapor-Flo® 7650 is a stationary pressure washer that has stainless steel housing and heats water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can also purchase mobile 1800 psi electric pressure washer systems (such as the Vapor-Flo® 7600).. The varying permutations and combinations of features ensure that everyone can find a Vapor-Flo® pressure washer to match his needs.

Eco-Friendly Nature of 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Equipment

Powered completely by electricity, the Vapor-Flo® washers operate at vastly lower noise levels while generating no exhaust. Vapor-Flo® 1800 electric pressure washer machines can thus achieve high pressure levels and hot water temperatures without emitting dangerous fumes or noise, making them ideal for indoor applications, as in factory settings.

While many industrial pressure washers boast flow rates of 5 GPM and more, Vapor-Flo® machines feature flow rates of only 0.4 GPM to 2.0 GPM. While handling cleaning applications effectively, these systems do not use or waste excessive amounts of water.

For more effective, faster cleaning, use Daimer's Eco-Green® chemicals when pressure washing floors, walls, equipment, driveways, and other surfaces. These chemicals are plant-based and composed of food grade ingredients. Not only are they biodegradable, but they are non-toxic and non-combustible, too. These chemicals use specially formulated Micro-Blasting® molecules to encapsulate/emulsify the hydrocarbon bonds on organic molecules, thus breaking down grease, protein, fuel oil, and carbohydrate deposits that are then blasted off by the high pressure water spray.

The 1800 electric pressure washer machines in the Vapor-Flo® range uses in many commercial and industrial settings. These machines are used for cleaning concrete, tiles, machinery and equipment, factory floors, and more.

Daimer 50 Hz 1700 to 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Cleaners
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