Remove Bed Bugs Using Specialized Steam Cleaners for Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are increasingly becoming a problem within residences, offices, as well as public places of all kinds throughout the country. It is tough to deal with bed bug menace, as it can be highly evasive. Detecting and eradicating them may be difficult without using advanced bed bugs removal equipment. Hotels, hospitals, old age homes, schools, and similar places must have access to the best bed bugs removal machines to keep their place clean, hygienic, and disinfected. Regular and effective cleaning is a must to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness in these facilities.

Steam Cleaning: A Proven Way of Removing Bed Bugs

There are many ways by which you can remove bed bugs. Many believe that using ordinary vacuum pumps can be used to remove them from cracks and crevices, and then these can be disposed off in a sealed bag. This method may be effective, but it is not a foolproof way of getting rid of bed bugs. Merely vacuuming is not a solution that hits at the root of the problem. A specialized bed bug removal machine is necessary to do a more effective job. Steam cleaning is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways of dealing with bed bugs.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs?

Once bed bugs make your place their home, they can proliferate in numbers dramatically and very fast. They can quickly spread all over the place and have an affinity for crack and crevices in walls, wooden furniture, door and window frame joints, beds and mattresses, gaps in flooring and grouts, and just about every other place that is potentially good to hide. They can also find their way into clothing, carpet edges, rugs, and air conditioning ducts.

Commercial Facilities Most Vulnerable to Bed Bug Infestation

Hotels and lodging facilities, schools, colleges, bed and breakfast places, and apartment buildings are particularly susceptible to bed bugs infestation, as these places attract visitors on a daily basis and there is every possibility that they may be carrying bed bugs in their luggage, footwear, or belongings.

The Advantages of Using Steam Bed Bugs Removal Machines

Steam cleaners are undoubtedly the best bedbug removal machines available for home as well commercial cleaning. There are several advantages of using this powerful bed bugs exterminator:

  • They work by delivering lethal temperatures to kill visible bedbugs.
  • Steam penetrates and kills even those bedbugs you cannot see.
  • Steam cleaners will not only kill bed bugs but their eggs as well, giving you long-term protection and relief.
  • Steam cleaners with low water content makes them the ideal machine for use in packed spaces, as it cleans without creating any mess.

Choose steam cleaners to kill bed bugs with care. There are many types of steam cleaners available, but machines with the right specifications can only act as the best bed bugs removal equipment.

Daimer® steam cleaners for bed bug removal are the undisputed choice of cleaning professionals, as they come packed with a host of features to do the job without much hassle and significantly faster. Daimer®’s KleenJet® steam cleaners generate high steam temperature and come with unique anti-bacterial technology to eliminate bed bugs from all types of surfaces. Dry vapor steam models of KleenJet® allow operators to use these even on mattresses, couches, cushioned chairs, and curtains without the risk of forming mold or mildew.

Steam Cleaners for Bed Bugs Removal

6 Steam Cleaners for Bed Bugs Removal
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KleenJet Pro Plus 200S Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Retail Price: $1,329.00
Special Price: $897.00
Sale Price: 797.00

Limited Time Only
Sale Price: $797.00


The KleenJet Pro Plus 200S has a lot to offer when it comes to commercial-grade steam cleaners. If you are looking for an industrial clean that anyone can appreciate, try the KleenJet Pro Plus 200S. This lightweight model gives you an unrivaled clean every time you use it. With over 20 different attachments included, you can tackle almost any cleaning project. Homeowners and business owners alike can appreciate the incredible cleaning power of the KleenJet Pro Plus 200S.


Steam Cleaner Brushes

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KleenJet Mega 1000CVP
Retail Price: $4,772.00
Special Price: $3,182.00
Sale Price: 2997.00

Limited Time Only
Sale Price: $2997.00

The KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP - ATIS® is a superb ANTI-BACTERIAL commercial steam cleaner.

  • Pressure: up to 105 psi
  • Temperature: up to 356ºF
  • Continuous Refill: Yes
  • Boiler: 4 liters Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum: Yes

        50 Free Detail Brushes!


Commercial / Industrial Grade
KleenJet Ultra 5000CVP
Retail Price: $6,748.00
Special Price: $4,589.00

Commercial / Industrial Grade

Daimer's KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVP - ATIS® is the most powerful 120v industrial steam vacuum cleaner in the industry.

  • Pressure: up to 125 psi
  • Temperature: up to 369ºF
  • Continuous Refill: Yes
  • Boiler: 5 liters Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • Vacuum: Yes



KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS Canister Based Steam Cleaner
Retail Price: $1,669.00
Special Price: $1,094.00
Sale Price: 994.00

Limited Time Only
Sale Price: $994.00

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS is an advanced vapor steam cleaning system.

  • Pressure: up to 75 psi
  • Temperature: up to 310ºF
  • Boiler: Heavy-gauge 4 liter stainless steel
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • Continuous Refill: Yes  



KleenJet Supreme 3000CVP
Retail Price: $5,674.00
Special Price: $3,996.00

The KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP-ATIS® is an anti-bacterial, commercial steam vacuum cleaner.

  • Pressure: up to 115 psi
  • Temperature: up to 364ºF
  • Continuous Refill: Yes
  • Boiler: 5 liters Stainless Still
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • Vacuum: Yes


KleenJet Mega 500VP
Retail Price: $3,108.00
Special Price: $2,347.00

The EPA-Compliant KleenJet® Mega 500VP ATIS®, featuring Daimer's Patent Pending ATIS® Anti-Bacterial Steam Cleaner Technology™.

  • Pressure: up to 75 psi
  • Temperature: up to 310ºF
  • Boiler: 4 liters Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime boiler warranty

        30 Free Nylon Detail Brushes


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