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Wheelchair Cleaning Equipment: Crucial To Patient Care In Nursing Homes

Why Steam Pressure Washers Make the Best Wheelchair Cleaning Machine?

A clean, well-maintained wheelchair is vital to problem-free mobility and also helps reduce the need for costly repairs. Regular cleaning with the right type of wheelchair cleaning machine can keep it running smoothly. It can also help extend the life of your chair and reduce the number and cost of repairs.

Taking care of minor issues can be done by the users themselves, but for keeping the wheelchair in top shape, it is imperative to use superior wheelchair cleaning equipment. That is because wheelchairs must not only be cleaned but also disinfected and sanitized to prevent the user from catching infections. Steam pressure washer machines can be the ideal wheel chair cleaners, as they can clean the equipment efficiently, in less time and conveniently.

What Makes Steam Pressure Washers Perform Better?

Wheelchair cleaners that use the power of steam can serve the cleaning needs of hospitals and old-age homes by offering perfect sanitization. There are many advantages of using steam pressure washers as cleaning equipment for wheelchairs.

  • They clean faster than ordinary cleaning systems.
  • Steam cleaners are designed to remove body oils, grease, and other impurities.
  • The high steam temperature helps in killing bacteria and harmful microorganisms that are usually present on the surfaces.
  • Low water consumption means less messy cleaning process and faster drying.

Steam pressure washers with the right specifications can be used to remove deposits, dirt, and grime from wheels, cushions, tires, and sheets of the wheelchair effortlessly. The super-heated steam has the power to easily remove even hardened deposits and tough dirt marks that an ordinary cleaning machine for wheelchair cannot achieve.

Why You Need Sophisticated Cleaning Machines?

Sophisticated cleaning systems for various types of cleaning applications are also the best source for buying top-quality cleaning machines for wheelchair maintenance. These advanced cleaning systems are replacing the conventional and laborious ordinary cleaning methods employed in healthcare centers, hospitals, old age homes, and other similar facilities.

Daimer®’s Super Max™ 7000 is a powerful, wet steam pressure washer designed to deliver unmatched cleaning results. The machine uses very little amount of water and has a low flow rate, which makes it ideal for wheelchair cleaning. The electric-powered steam pressure washer is safe for indoor use, as there are no emission risks, but it is approved for outdoor use as well. The Super Max™ generates pressure levels of 1000 PSI and the highest steam temperature in the industry of up to 330°F to clean wheelchairs faster and super efficiently.

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