Electric Powered Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washers

Electric Powered Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washers
17 Electric Powered Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washers
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Electric Powered Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washers

Electric Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers

Daimer Industries® has long been revered as the premier producer of high-quality, high-powered cleaning equipment. Aiming at providing the most advanced systems and technologies on the market, Daimer®'s product lines are always involving. The line of Super Max pressure washers is certainly no exception.

One key feature of Daimer's Super Max systems is their availability in a number of different power and heating options. This allows our customers to find the exact hot water pressure washers to meet the requirements of their applications. Growing in popularity are Daimer's electric powered steam pressure washers emitting high wet steam and hot water temperatures. These machines offer numerous benefits, discussed below.

Benefits of Electric Power Hot Water Pressure Washer Machines

Hot water / steam pressure washers do a magnificent job in dissolving tough, baked-on, stuck-on residue. However, no hot water pressure washer can attain the advanced cleaning power of wet steam pressure cleaners. With temperatures up to 330°F, these machines dissolve and blast away the most challenging grease and other deposits.

Daimer®, however, recognizes that such high steam temperatures are not required for all applications, and may be overkill or even too much power in some situations. As such, all of Daimer®'s Super Maqx hot water pressure washers boast tri-temperature technology. That is, they can be used as wet steam, cold water, or hot water pressure washers, as required by the application at hand.

Understanding Electric Powered Steam Pressure Washers

The actual power method also produces several benefits for electric hot water pressure wash systems. Because electricity is a clean power source, operation of an electric pressure washer does not release exhaust fumes into the air. This makes electric powered steam pressure washer machines ideal for indoor commercial and industrial applications.

Electric powered steam pressure washers also operate at lower noise levels than their fuel-powered counterparts. This, again, makes them ideal for interior applications. Schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and all other facilities where noise is a concern find great power and functionality in electric powered steam pressure washer machines.

Pressure Washers with Options for All Customers

Daimer® has never been a one-size-fits-all supplier. Our cleaning machines come in a wide variety of configurations for applications of all sizes. The electric steam pressure washer selection is no different.

Let's start with pressure levels. Electric hot water pressure washer models are available with pressure levels ranging from 750 psi to 3000 psi. Pressure washers with lower pressure levels are ideal for lighter applications or where surfaces may be sensitive to pressure, as in auto detailing. A high pressure washer, on the other hand, produces greater cleaning power for industrial challenges.

Flow rate can also be matched to your application. A low flow pressure washer is ideal in low-drainage situations. In the case of an electric pressure washer purchased for indoor use, low floor rates are ideal when drainage is limited. When drainage is not a concern, high flow rates offer greater cleaning power.

Both mobile and stationary pressure washer configurations are also available. Mobile pressure washers, or those on wheels or truck mounted, are great when the location of the application may vary. But, if the application repeats within a given area, a stationary pressure washer will make cleaning easy and virtually effortless.

Trust in Daimer Quality

Above the benefits of power and versatility, the biggest benefit of the Super Max line is in purchasing from Daimer®. Daimer® holds the industry standards for quality, which are incorporated in all pressure washers and other cleaning machines offered.

Don't let low-grade components turn your pressure washing application into a disaster. Instead, turn to the high-quality electric powered steam pressure washer machines by Daimer®, guaranteed to last. And, with rugged stainless steel or schedule 80 heating coils, powder coated steel casings, dual layered pressure hoses, and more, it is no wonder why so many cleaning professionals have turned to Daimer® for their pressure washers.

When you are in the market for pressure washers, it would certainly be in your best interest to speak with Daimer® product specialist, trained to work with you to match your specific needs to the ideal machine for you.

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