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A Guide to Use Pressure Washers for Industrial Degreasing


Powerful Pressure Washer Systems Make Industrial Equipment Degreasing Easy for Operators

Most industrial equipment get dirty and attract layers upon layers of grime, grease, and other types of deposits with regular use. All industrial equipment must be cleaned periodically for proper operation. Industrial equipment degreasing helps avoid maintenance issues and ensures flawless performance.

Degreasing Machines with Right Features Can Help Achieve Great Results

The best cleaning results can be achieved by using specialized industry equipment degreasing machines. Most cleaning professionals are in a bind, when it comes to choosing the right type of degreaser for industrial applications. The challenges offered by the task of keeping industrial equipment clean and dirt-free are many. This necessitates the requirement to choose a cleaning system with the right specification to achieve the desired results.

Cleaning off tough deposits of grease with just brushes and cleaning chemicals is an outdated technique that demanded lots of effort from users and hours of manual effort. Pressure washers are best for cleaning industrial equipment.

The high power of industrial pressure washer systems can blast off dirt and debris from the surface of industrial equipment, but removing oily deposits and grease may not be possible merely with cold water pressure washers. When cold water falls on oily or greasy surfaces, the deposits immediately harden into thick clumps. Using a heated heavy duty pressure cleaner and degreaser can detach and remove grease from surfaces easily.

Wet Steam Pressure Washers Can Remove Oil and Grease Quickly

Degreasing industrial equipment requires the use of cleaning machines with advanced cleaning capabilities. By choosing the right pressure washers for degreasing industrial equipment, you can ensure more efficient and faster cleaning than possible with ordinary pressure washers. Wet steam pressure washers with high steam temperatures can help in cleaning and degreasing of industrial equipment with a greater degree of efficiency.

The best pressure washers for industrial degreasing offer several advantages over other cleaning systems:

  • They are capable of generating high pressure levels of 1000 PSI.
  • High steam temperatures ensure fast and better cleaning and degreasing of surfaces.
  • Low water usage feature means a comparatively less messy cleaning process.

Daimer®’s Super Max™ 7000 is regarded as the ideal pressure washer for heavy duty degreasing because it comes equipped with features that help deliver outstanding cleaning results. With a pressure of 1000 PSI and steam temperatures of up to 330°F, the Super Max™ 7000 is well equipped to meet the challenges of industrial equipment degreasing.

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