March 07, 2015

Industrial Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

Industrial Steam CleanerSteam cleaning is one of the latest cleaning technologies that is being used to a great extent over the past few years. The application of steam cleaning is no longer restricted to domestic usage. Offices and other organizations, where large scale cleaning is often required, also opt for steam cleaning due to its effectiveness. In this process, you not only get rid of all those unwanted dirt and grime, but also end up sanitizing the affected area. No matter whether you need to clean a set of office furniture, or want to clean the floors and the carpets, an industrial steam cleaner can help you the best. Keeping your office spic and span is one of the keys to create a positive impression on your customers and business partners, while showing the employees how the management cares for their well being by ensuring a hygienic place to work.

Although you can get an industrial steam cleaner for lease, you should consider buying one if you need to use it in the long run. You can get a lot of industrial steam cleaners for sale in the market. You can check out the different models and their features and choose one for your own use based on what suits your needs and budget the best.

If you're not sure about what features to focus upon while buying a heavy duty steam cleaner, here is a brief buying guide. By following this guide, you will be able to choose the best industrial steam cleaner for sure.

How Does a Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Work?

Usually, there is a water tank in every type of steam cleaner. The water is rapidly heated up in order to produce steam, which is then applied to the floor or the targeted surface at a high pressure. This generates dry steam which helps kill dust mites and bacteria and loosen tough grease and dirt. There are many steam cleaners that serve a dual purpose. Some of these can act as vacuum cleaners with water based filters. Some of the cleaners also feature attachments that enable window cleaning. While buying a steam cleaner for industrial purpose, you should look for these additional features in case you aim to use them.

Know the Different Types of Industrial Steam Cleaners

Whether you are looking for industrial steam cleaners for concrete, hardwood floors or the ones to clean tough kitchen grease, knowing about the different types available in the market would help you choose the right one. Here are some that you should know about:

·         Hand-held Steam Cleaner – Although this is not considered to be a so-called industrial steam cleaner, this comes handy for cleaning small and tight spaces like carpet edges that are hard to reach, curtains or bathroom tiles. These are designed in a compact way and are quite easy to store. These steam cleaners deliver a burst of steam through a nozzle. These types of cleaners usually come with a range of attachments. Using the different attachments, you can clean different surfaces like upholstery, windows and tiles.

·         Barrel Steam Cleaners – These are also known as cylinder steam cleaners since they resemble the cylinder vacuums. These types of cleaners are composed of a flexible hose, a main body, a nozzle and a plastic tube. These cleaners are usually a bit heavier than other types. However, they ensure longer steaming periods. It takes around four to twelve minutes to heat the water stored in the tank. This is why these cleaners cannot be used readily. These types of cleaners come with a set of attachments for cleaning different surfaces and mopping floors. A cylinder cleaner that is properly equipped can perform all types of cleaning tasks. This is why such cleaners are considered to be the most effective industrial steam cleaner.

·         Mop and Hand-Held Steam Cleaner – The two-in-one steam cleaners look like steam mops. The hand-held cleaner is built into the handle of the mop, which you can attach or remove according to your own requirement. These cleaners can handle most steam cleaning tasks. However, these are a little heavier to use as mops as compared to the steam mops. These cleaners usually come with a range of attachments for the hand-held cleaner, which help clean different surfaces efficiently.

What Industrial Steam Cleaner Accessories Should You Opt For?

Although all types of steam cleaners come with a set of attachments, you should look for some special accessories while choosing a model of an industrial steam cleaner. If you buy an industrial vapor steam cleaner with advanced accessories, it will help you perform different types of cleaning jobs like clothes steaming, cleaning your cars and window cleaning.

Make sure the cleaner you buy has accessories like cleaning pads that help wipe surfaces, squeegee for cleaning glasses, scrubbing pads that help remove grease from oven and scrubbing brushes that help clean embedded grime from tiles and grout. An advanced industrial steam cleaner should also come with an upholstery tool that helps treat stains and refresh fabrics.

While choosing an industrial steam cleaner, you should also consider factors like the steaming time, the capacity of the steam cleaner and the heat-up time. Make sure you check all the specifications of a model thoroughly before buying a particular industrial steam cleaner.

To buy the best industrial steam cleaner that blends reliability, power and versatility in configurations, browse our repertoire or contact our product specialists.


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