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Steam Pressure Washers
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Steam Power Washer

High Temperature and High Pressure Can Make a Real Difference to Your Cleaning Tasks

The amount of time you spend on trying to scrub, scrape, or dissolve grease and grime in a detergent solution can be saved if you invest in one of Daimer®'s steam power washer machines. The Super Max™ lineup of steam power washer machines have given contractors the chance to improve productivity and reduce inefficiency.

Some of these machines generate temperatures as high as 330°F. The high temperature enables heavy-duty degreasing as well as removal of other types of grime that cannot be washed away without the use of hot water or steam. These systems can also be used to clean brick, tile, concrete and various other porous and non-porous surfaces. Steam pressure washer machines sold through Daimer® are designed to last, as these are durable with corrosion-resistant housing and come with high-pressure hose, stainless steel heater exchanger coils, and advanced technologies.

One of the advantages of using a hot water pressure washer is that this machine allows different temperature settings. Therefore, you can use the same machine for cleaning with hot water or cold water. This feature is immensely useful when the level of grease or similar substances is not very high and can be removed with cold water. Using cold water when you do not need to use hot water helps save power and fuel.

These machines achieve pressure levels as high as 4000 psi. These machines are immensely useful in heavy degreasing tasks, where the use of high pressure combined with high temperature helps in eliminating grease in a matter of minutes. Some of these machines are also used for more challenging tasks, such as chewing gum removal over a large area.

Being able to clean the large areas is one of the advantages of using a steam pressure cleaning machine carrying the Daimer® brand. This machine is often used for removing grime, dirt, and many other types of impurities from different types of hard surfaces. From cleaning commercial kitchens and public bathrooms to washing sidewalks, a high quality steam pressure wash machine has many applications.

Daimer® is well known for its high-quality, commercial pressure wash systems. These machines are used for cleaning vehicles and buildings as well. The durable parts, the efficiency-enhancing features, and effective cleaning have made these pressure cleaner systems a must-have in the supplies of professional cleaners and contractors.

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