September 10, 2014

Learn More about the Top Quality Industrial Steam Cleaners from Daimer Industries

We'll concede this: Purchasing a new industrial steam cleaner may not be the most exciting edition you plan to make to your commercial or industrial space. This may be true even though a great cleaner will keep everything else at your office or business exceptionally clean, giving you more enjoyment and satisfaction with the remainder of your office experience. But just because industrial steam cleaners do not provide the same joys as, say, springing for a new set of cushy office chairs, it makes your decision no less important. The same principles apply to your purchase that they would for any other, with quality, value, and functionality all at the top of the list.

Daimer Industries shares your passion for the best quality products and has committed to maintaining top value for our customers. The success of our business is evident through the scope of clients. We supply many of the world's largest companies, spread across more than 200 countries, with top cleaning products, regardless of industry. This means we offer car detailing solutions to Avis car rental and steam carpet cleaners to Red Roof Inn hotels. Our high-powered vapor steam cleaners have been the cleaner of choice for restaurant chains, such as McDonald's, and the exceptional quality of our range of products means that it meets the highest standards of any organization—including the White House.

The Best Industrial Steam Cleaner, and So Much More, from Daimer Industries

We love improving our products, whether it means tweaking our steam cleaner to make sure it stays the best industrial steam cleaner on the market, or developing a new solution to meet a growing need for our clientele. A core value in this process is that we make changes to our products only when they benefit the end user. We never alter our machines to serve our own interests or bottom line. It's a commitment that starts during the development and manufacturing process and continues all the way past the point of sale.

When you begin your research for the best industrial steam cleaner, remember that our sales staff, unlike those of many other companies, isn't paid on a commission based on the particular model you choose. Our staff is paid to give you unbiased, expert advice. We will never try to sell you a product that does not meet your needs. This includes selling you a more expensive steam cleaner that exceeds your needs. If our entry-level model is right for you, our staff will tell you just that. And even after the sale, we want to maintain a relationship with our customers. Knowledge and service you may need for your machine is available from our staff. This ensures you get the best value for your investment and the most out of your cleaning machine.

We're able to offer these benefits because, many years ago, we accepted a principle for our business—smaller profit margins. Smaller profit margins mean we make less on each sale and can grow our business only through growing our customer base. For our customers, this has been a great solution. It means we're able to pack more value into every machine while keeping our prices highly competitive. It also means we're committed to helping every customer enjoy their experience with our company. As our history indicates, this has been a great model for our business, too.

It is also part of our policy of openness in the way we conduct our business. From our honest sales advice to providing you with an understanding of how we operate, we hope to remove some of the mysteries that can lead to mistrust between consumers and companies. Our business thrives only when you are happy with your product and your experience. We do not intend to ever change that concept, which lies at the heart of our business.

Calling All Companies: Industrial Steam Cleaner for Sale

Industrial steam cleaners are no ordinary steam cleaner. They bring exceptional power to your toughest cleaning jobs, including grease and oil deposits commonly deposited by industrial companies operating with heavy-duty manufacturing processes. Exceptional power is paired with high levels of heat. Combined, these two elements achieve what no ordinary steamer ever could. Many of our industrial steam cleaner solutions can reach pressure levels of 3,500 pounds per square inch and temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our six industrial steam cleaning models are part of our Super Max series. The larger versions, such as the Super Max 12000 series, are trailer-mounted and use electricity (for power) and propane (for heating). This efficient solution saves energy and heats quickly, providing added savings in man hours and increasing ease of use. Smaller models offer versatility and ease of mobility. We also take care to provide options for the finer details. Our customized pressure hoses provide several choices that allow you to find the right fit for your business.

Our industrial steam cleaners are built to tackle the toughest chores while making the work easiest for you and your employees. Our proven quality and reliability means a single good choice to work with Daimer Industries will provide benefits for years to come.


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