May 26, 2015

Put the KleenJet® Ultra 1500C vapor steam cleaner to work on your toughest jobs

KleenJet® Ultra 1500C For most businesses that have carpeting in high-traffic areas you’re going to need a professional cleaning machine to get out the dirt and grime that accumulates. To tackle that amount of filth you’ll need a high-powered machine with maximum capabilities, and you will find that with us. We are the global leader in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment.

That’s where we come in with our KleenJet® Ultra 1500C steam cleaner, a self-regulating machine with nonstop refill and a patented self-cleaning boiler system that attains temperatures up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit as well as puts out water pressure up to 89 psi. You’ll want this high volume vapor cleaner working for you because it’s powerful and designed to get the job done no holds barred. It also has a 4-liter detergent compartment that allows the cleaner to enhance the power of the steam.

Other specifications of the 1500C

In addition to the self-regulating continuous refill and our patented self-cleaning boiler system, there are additional specifications to make note of:

  • Dimensions – 24” Length x 16” Width x 39” Height
  • Weight – 49 pounds
  • Power – 1600 watts
  • Boiler, Cover & Base Materials – Stainless Steel
  • Chamber Size/detergent – 3 liters
  • Heating Element – removable rod
  • Cold Heating Time – Approximately 15 minutes
  • Hot Heating Time – Approximately 10 minutes
  • Length of Steam Hose – 10’

Parts included with your purchase

In order to successfully complete your cleaning job you’ll need a few parts to assist you. We include two (2) large triangular brushes with towel clips and one (1) each of the following: large rectangular floor brush also with towel clips, squeegee for mirrors and windows, single-hole steam lance for the brush attachment, nylon detailing brush, brass detailing brush, stainless steel detail brush, a 10-foot detachable steam hose with a heavy-duty towel clip, round brush for detailing, our Daimer steam scraper and steam plunger for bathroom sink drains, a small triangular brush for corners and more, a steel wool pad to place over some of the brushes for targeted grease build-up cleaning, a plush microfiber towel, and as an added bonus you’ll receive an extra heavy-duty extension rod valued at $75.

Our KleenJet® Ultra 1500C steam cleaner beats our competitors’ products

The machines we offer are not available from similar vendors because we have the dual-chamber, continuous refill steam cleaner models with no pressure caps. This gives you the capability to work without stopping. Having this feature allows for maximum convenience and the ability to completely clean a sizeable area without interruption. The difference between a pressure cap based steam cleaner and the machines without pressure caps is the time saved. When using a steam cleaner with a pressure cap it can take up to 20 minutes or more before you’re ready to start steaming again.

Our competitors mostly do not offer this technology in their products and if you find one that does their machines do not work at the capacity of our products because they don’t maintain the pressure and temperatures necessary for adequate and continuous cleaning. In fact, try calling a vendor or two to inquire about this feature. We are confident that they’ll respond in the negative.

With our non-pressurized caps all you have to do is open it and add water; the steam will continue to flow uninterrupted as well as still maintaining the water’s temperature. With the KleenJet® Ultra 1500C steam cleaner you get a powerful machine that’s very easy to handle. That’s because the controls are on the handle allowing for ease of operation. From the controls you can regulate the amount of detergent and steam that flow while cleaning, i.e., the steam is enhanced by the detergent.

Keep in mind that the Ultra 1500C vapor steam cleaner is not for cleaning industrial equipment and machinery, nor is dry steam appropriate for the removal of carbon build up or carbonized grease. When using machine for its intended purposes you have an appliance that operates at commercial capacity and that withstands the test of time. Over the long haul, our products can save you time and money. For instance, we use patented replaceable heating elements.

What our customers say

The reviews from current customers clearly reveal their satisfaction with our products as well as the durability and reliability of said products. Here’s an example from a Houston, Texas, consumer:

“What a very professional looking steam cleaner! The stainless steel is very nice. The picture on your website didn't even do it justice. The reason I like the unit is because of the awesome cleaning power is has. I clean and dye grout and quite often the grout comes clean without the use of any cleaning agents. Also when I dye grout, it must first be cleaned and the KleenJet makes cleaning a breeze and the grout dries much faster than conventional cleaning methods, which allows me to dye the grout faster since it must be completely dry. 

I cleaned an oven for a friend who couldn't get it clean with "elbow grease" and it looks like the day they bought it. I also like the long cord and the heavy-duty upgraded extension wand which allows me to work without breaking out extension cords. It is a compact machine that fits very nicely into my car so I can run my business from the car. No big truck mounted machines or expensive work vehicles needed.”

Now that you have all of the information about the product and the knowledge of our customers’ high praise, aren’t you ready to go ahead and purchase your KleenJet® Ultra 1500C steam cleaner today?


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