February 02, 2016

Surfaces You Never Thought About Using Industrial Steam Cleaners On

Industrial Steam CleanersHere at Daimer Industries we believe in being a leader in innovative and technologically advanced commercial and industrial cleaning equipment for essentially all commercial and industrial cleaning applications. We focus on making durable, scientifically supported, products that make cleaning easy for our customers. One of our specialties is the industrial steam cleaner—a highly versatile and invaluable machine for any industry.

As the name may suggest, industrial steam cleaners are cleaning machines full of power that offer many advantages over ordinary steam cleaners. Industrial steam cleaners have a higher level of pressure that is extremely useful in removing grease and oil deposits that are frequently encountered in industrial facilities. Discover other surfaces you never thought about using industrial steam cleaners on as well as information about affordable commercial steam cleaners.

Why Use Steam Cleaner Industrial Strength?

More and more industries are beginning to utilize steam pressure washers for cleaning work in recent years because steam cleaning comes with many benefits. Steam is hotter than boiling water. When the steam is pressurized, it helps to remove hard and caked on grit speedily. The steam is also hot enough to kill bacteria, mold, mildew, fleas, and more, on contact. The combination of intensely powered speed cleaning and almost instant sanitation make for a highly desirable product.

While it is possible to purchase steam cleaners at your local hardware store—they most likely aren’t industrial strength. This means they will have weaker psi, the temperatures probably won’t get as high, they may not have as many features or accessories, and they might be less durable than steam cleaners with industrial strength.

Businesses in the commercial and/or industrial sphere will want to take advantage of professional steam cleaners. The ability of industrial steam cleaners to generate high pressure levels and high steam temperatures creates a winning combination that will deal with the most demanding cleaning jobs in commercial and industrial facilities in record time. Plus, a professional model will offer you many industry-specific features.

Surfaces You Never Thought About Using Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners On

Often times when the public thinks of steam cleaners, they think of cleaning tile and grout. This is because a steam cleaner, especially a heavy duty steam cleaner, offers a deep clean that completely refreshes tile and grout to the point they almost seem like new again. However, an industrial steam cleaner can be used on more surfaces than simply tile and grout.

For starters, a high pressured steam cleaner can be used on any hard surface. They can clean concrete, remove gum, remove grime, clean factory floors to a shine, and even remove graffiti. There are many outdoor purposes for a steam cleaner such as cleaning driveways, parking structures, brick walls, and more. Indoors steam cleaners are invaluable for several different purposes. They can be used to sanitize bathroom stall walls, toilets, and sinks. They are invaluable in a commercial kitchen because they can be used to sanitize and clean out grease and other debris from appliances, counters, and even walk-ins.

However, heavy duty steam cleaners come in several industrial models. One of the industries we support is automobile maintenance—that is car detailing equipment. We offer models that specifically work cleaning magic on a car’s exterior and interior. Our car detailing equipment can be adjusted to be gentle enough to not chip the paint but strong enough to make road grease melt off of an engine or wheel spoke.

Furthermore, we offer top of the line commercial carpet steam cleaners. Our XTreme Power line of commercial carpet steam cleaners is an advanced carpet steaming machine that delivers a high temperature level and impressive pressure level. Many of our models come with water conservation technology, or the special low flow function, that helps the carpet dry in approximately one hour. The commercial carpet steam cleaners with our special low flow function clean efficiently with much less water than our competitors’ models.

It should be mentioned that commercial grade carpet steam cleaners are different than carpet cleaning machines for home use. This is because commercial carpet cleaning is a complex task that requires the most sophisticated commercial carpet cleaning machines with special features. Our commercial grade carpet steam cleaners will clean even the dirtiest carpets in a snap while boasting incredibly fast drying time due to the low-flow feature. This helps business owners get back to work in a snap and it reduces the risk of mold growth or odor formation.

Our commercial steam carpet cleaner cleans more than just carpets. It cleans many other surfaces you may not have considered. With the appropriate attachments our commercial steam carpet cleaners can be used to clean many soft surfaces such as upholstery, wall partitions, and curtains.

As you can see, the Daimer Industries’ industrial steam cleaners are highly versatile and can be used on many hard and soft surfaces. Look for the best industrial steam cleaner for you on our website!


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