December 08, 2014

The Benefits of Using Industrial Steam Cleaners

Industrial Steam CleanersUsing industrial steam cleaners for your business will provide you with an effective, eco-friendly and economical way to clean various surfaces in your business. From counters and walls to floors and ceilings, this equipment can make a short job of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces that you use on a daily basis.

We understand that our machines are a welcome addition to a number of different industries, including restaurants, food and beverage processing industries, any warehouse environment and more. Why? Because of the unique way that the machines are able to clean your equipment and the various surfaces in your space. Not only do they get rid of the visible substances, such as dirt, oil, grease, etc., they will also work to get rid of germs, bacteria and other microorganisms that may be present.

How the Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaner Works

When you use industrial steam cleaners, they will produce a type of dry vapor that includes as little as five percent total moisture content. With only water, this equipment is able to get rid of a number of otherwise difficult to remove substances and stains, such as dirt, oil, grease and other residues you may find. Additionally, with all the tools and other features offered with this equipment, you will also be able to clean into crevices and creases that were unable to be reached prior to the use of this cleaner. When you purchase the main equipment, be sure that you purchase the proper accessories to ensure that you are able to get in the tight spaces that you have to clean. The best part is that this is all achieved without using any type of chemicals. While you can use chemical substances to help the process along, it is suggested that you stick to green options, to keep a healthy working environment for employees.

In regard to the manufacturing industry, the dry vapor steam cleaning machines are able to clean a number of different small parts, moving parts, sensors, switches, tubes and other areas that are unable to be reached with traditional cloths or other cleaning tools. In many situations, with the use of the vapor steam, you will not even have to dismantle the parts of your equipment since the pressurized vapor will be able to push the water through even the smallest of openings.

Using an Industrial Steam Cleaner for Kitchen Grease

In the various food and beverage processing facilities, the use of industrial steam cleaners can be extremely beneficial. It can be used to remove all types of kitchen grease, including oil and other residues from ceilings, vents, burners, hoods and stoves. The vapor steam method of cleaning is also so effective at sanitizing and cleaning conveyor belts that you will likely not need to implement the use of harsh chemical cleaners again.

One of the biggest challenges that are facing a number of companies, across all industries, is the labor intensive process of cleaning equipment that is sensitive to water or controlled by a computer. When you use dry vapor steam for cleaning, you will not have to use any type of chemicals. Also, since the cleaning method has a very low percentage of moisture, it will leave all equipment dry and able to be used right away.

The dry vapor steam is able to be safely used around all types of electrical equipment, in addition to various control panels. Additionally, the amount of time that is necessary to complete the cleaning is drastically reduced because of the fast and effective work of the steamer. This means that you can minimize downtime when cleaning equipment and machines.

Chemical Free Cleaning with a Portable Industrial Steam Cleaner

There are a number of leaders in various industries, as well as facility managers, who have begun to recognize the necessity to restrict the use of chemicals regarding their employee safety, as well as the overall health of the working environment. There are even regulations from the OSHA that limits the permissible exposure limits to ensure that the health of workers is protected against hazardous substances.

With vapor steam cleaning, you will not have to use any type of chemical, which means the PELs that are attributed to chemical cleaning are completely eliminated. The industrial steam cleaners are considered a green technology. However, due to the high temperature related to the steam cleaning vapors, all microorganisms are killed. Additionally, the pressurized steam vapor will remove all allergens from the equipment, as well as other surfaces that it is used on.

When you browse our selection of steam cleaners designed for the industrial sector, you will see that most appear to be heavy duty and durable. This is because we understand that they have to be able to stand up to the day to day use and wear and tear that they will experience in your industry setting. Additionally, we offer different sizes of these steamers to ensure that you are able to find the one that is right for you. In order to purchase a size, you need to consider what you will be using it for. For example, if you need it for smaller surface areas, then a smaller machine will do. However, if you need to clean large areas, then you will need to invest in larger industrial steam cleaners to ensure that the job that you need to do, is able to be done efficiently and quickly.


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