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Degreasing Industrial Equipment
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Powerful pressure washers are ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning. Industrial cleaning involves tasks such as maintenance of industrial floors and equipment, and degreasing. Regular and thorough maintenance is required to keep various areas of industrial operations smoothly.

Steam pressure cleaners are best suited for industrial degreasing because they come with features that deliver higher cleaning power for demanding applictions. The steam temperatures from the machines can be quite high making it the best equipment for degreasing in a commercial environment. Super Max industrial pressure washer systems from suppliers such as Daimer® are best suited for industrial cleaning because they are capable of dissolving and blasting away grease and industrial debris from heavy equipment and hard surfaces.

Advanced Models for Degreasing Industrial Equipment

Daimer® supplies powerful commercial pressure washers, such as the Super Max™ 7000, which delivers a pressure level of 1000 psi at a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and can use hot or cold water output, or even wet steam output to clean industrial areas. Steam output from the machine can reach up to 330°F for cleaning stubborn grease stains. They find application in areas such as commercial kitchens, restrooms, warehouse, factories, and other commercial and industrial facilities. Included with this steam pressure washer and all Super Max™ models offered by Daimer are nozzles of various degrees to offer varying levels of pressure cleaning power.

The Super Max™ 9000 from Daimer® is a tri-mode steam pressure cleaner machine that can be used for cold or hot pressure washing or steam pressure cleaning, similar to the 7000 and many other Daimer models. The high flow rate of 2.8 GPM and pressure level of 1500 psi increases the cleaning power. However, the 9000 features reduced steam temperatures, more appropriate for less-demanding degreasing applications where added heat is not required. Industrial cleaning that requires tremendous pressure but does not require water to be at high temperatures can use these industrial pressure washer machines for cleaning.

Steam Benefits

A pressure washer, such as the Super Max™ 7000, is perfect for industrial and commercial situations as this system is among the best suited cleaning machines available. There are powerful steam pressure cleaners available from Daimer® which combines the power of super hot steam with the mobility of propane-fueled machines. The steam temperature from such machines can reach up to 330°F and helps in loosening the stains and deposits in industrial settings. These machines can be used to deliver a spray of hot water or steam at high pressure levels to eject the dirt and/or grease from the surface.

Some machines that run on natural gases and fuels, such as propane, are known for their advanced cleaning abilities and better cleaning because of the mobility factor. The Super Max™ 12500 PE for instance can be operated over extensive areas in any outdoor location where the chances of an electrical supply source are less. The steam temperature can reach as high as 330°F making it easy for the machines to dislodge and remove industrial grease and other stubborn stains. The pressure levels of 3000 psi and the flow rate of 5 GPM adds to its capability to perform impressively.

Pressure washers are the best way to ensure advanced industrial degreasing and cleaning dirt, grime and stains in a commercial setup. There are various models including fixed and mobile cleaning equipment to choose from, depending on your specific cleaning requirements.

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