Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaners

Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaners
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Incredibly Capable Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaners

Hardwood flooring, whether it be ash, walnut, oak, or any other variant, is strikingly beautiful thanks to its natural grain and finish. However, it can also be an absolute pain to keep clean. Too much moisture can severely damage most woods and introduce complications such as rot and mold. Insufficient cleaning can cause dust, dirt, and grime to build up like with other surfaces. For commercial, residential, and industrial clients who count on Daimer to deliver an ideal solution, we’ve found it. 

The answer? Our dedicated hardwood floor steam cleaners. Meticulously engineered to deliver a deeper clean while protecting your investment, they perform admirably for many years while only requiring the most basic of maintenance to keep them running as they should. From restaurants to retail stores, offices to convention centres, airport lounges and otherwise, they’re trusted by our customers to provide exceptional results in a convenient, easy-to-use form factor. 

Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner Features

  1. A Mindful Design

    Hardwood flooring is usually pre-finished with a polyurethane product to give it a rich shine and protective surface. However, not all cleaning solutions play nicely with it. Our professional wood floor cleaning machines take the term seriously, maintaining the stunning appearance and protective layer while doing away with pesky dirt and grime. Keeping your hard floor surfaces is now a breeze, with no worries about damaging what mother nature already perfected. 
  2. Compatible with Many Wood Floor Types

    Conventional wood floors are made up of wood strips or planks, but you can also choose from other options like parquet or cork tiles to give your wood flooring an alternate appearance. Our steam cleaning machines, especially our commercial hardwood floor cleaner machines, are well-suited to several types of wood flooring in terms of species and configuration, from long strips to parquet and everything in between. With the right system, even your finest exotic woods are beautifully preserved. With that said, some woods are more absorbent than others, and therefore a different approach is recommended. Be sure to research your flooring before ordering to understand whether a hardwood floor steam cleaner is suitable for it.
  3. Versatile Cleaning Systems

    The best hardwood floor cleaner machine doesn’t have to be limited to wood in itself. In fact, ours offer great value for money as they can also be used on a variety of other surfaces including ceramic floors and laminate. The high steam temperature and pressure levels not only clean the surface on which these machines are used but also sanitizes it. They’re a great pick for everything from hotel rooms and retirement homes to hospitals, schools, real estate showrooms, high-rise offices, and much more. Experience the benefits of choosing Daimer for yourself today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Hardwood Flooring?

If you're looking for easy-to-maintain flooring that adds value and appeal to your home, hardwood is an excellent choice. Hardwood flooring is usually pre-finished with a polyurethane product to give it a rich shine and protective surface. The new, fresh look can be maintained easily with the right hard floor cleaning equipment.

Should I avoid installing wood flooring unless I own a dedicated cleaning unit?

Not at all – you’ll miss out on experiencing a premium-quality, natural feel for your business, whether intended for visitors, employees or both. Our hardwood floor steam cleaners remain the optimal choice for looking after this investment, but there’s no reason to put it off if you’re in need of renovating. This is especially important if you’re preparing to make space usable sooner rather than later. We do recommend investing in one of these units, even a basic model, to ensure you keep your wood flooring in pristine condition, but regular sweeping and dusting can take care of essential cleaning steps in the meantime. 

What if I’m unsure how much pressure or heat I need for my hardwood floor steam cleaner?

Not to worry. It’s good to be mindful of the traits of your hardwood flooring – it means you hope to protect and preserve it! Depending on the floor steam cleaner you invest in, you’ll be able to apply a certain amount of heat and pressure to lift dirt and keep surfaces looking their best, all while killing harmful bacteria. For assistance and to make a well-informed purchase decision, contact Daimer today – we’ll gladly discuss your operational needs, specific species of wood, and make knowledgeable recommendations while staying within your budget.

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