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When fresh carpet makes its presence, whether in a newly bought home or a remodeled room, it helps to perpetuate a stunning atmosphere. This is until it begins to collect dirt and stains. Then what happens is the carpet begins to decline aesthetically. To prevent these types of things from occurring, one must practice appropriate carpet care. Proper carpet care can be achieved through: vacuuming, utilization of preventive measures, immediate addressing of stains and carpet cleaning.

The first step in carpet care is one that is simple yet extremely important: vacuuming. Vacuuming not only is helps with carpet care, but it also makes the air in the home environment healthier, as it clears the carpet of dust and allergens. All vacuum cleaners accomplish this task in some form or another, though some are better than others. Daimer's XTreme Power ® line of professional commercial vacuum cleaners are highly effective at picking up dirt, dust and fur.

The second step in carpet care involves taking preventive measures to keep dirt and stains from building up on carpet in the first place. The main way to do this is through plastic runners. Indeed, this method may seem unattractive to some, but why should it not be considered when there are no guests around? Runners are not necessary in the whole house; they are just needed in the areas where there is a lot of traffic that could result in dirt: bedrooms, living/family rooms and around doors.

The third step in carpet care requires immediate addressing of stains. When a stain occurs, one's initial action should be to absorb as much of it as possible. Wet/dry vacs, are very useful for this purpose. If one doesn't have a wet/dry vac available, blotting the stain and applying carpet cleaner like Daimer's Eco-Green ® carpet care chemicals are excellent helpful solutions.

The final step in carpet care is carpet cleaning. This can be done through a professional or by oneself. If one desires to clean the carpet once in a while, a professional may be the way to go. Pricing for professional carpet care varies depending upon which company is used. Most reputable companies will allow for free estimates, where service persons will come and evaluate the area to be clean. An appointment to actually clean the carpet is made after the estimate. Once they start cleaning, one can observe that they come with an arsenal of carpet care knowledge that an average person doesn't have.

However, many people now invest in their own carpet cleaning machines to clean carpet whenever they wish without incurring costs hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning contractor. A powerful home commercial carpet cleaner like Daimer's XTreme Power ® XPC 5700, is one of our recommended and very popular carpet cleaner for proper carpet care if one doesn't feel heat is necessary. Our XPH 5800T and 5900I are even more popular heated carpet cleaners or carpet steam cleaners for faster and more effective carpet care results.

In summary, effective carpet care entails vacuuming, runner use, stain removal and carpet cleaning. These measures, which are not difficult to perform, will extend the life of one's carpet for years and years. New carpeting will almost never be necessary if a person follows the proper steps of carpet care for their existing carpets.

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