March 19, 2015

All that You Need to Know About a Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet CleanersAre you planning to buy some cleaning tools for your home or office? If yes, you must get hold of a good quality carpet cleaner. Carpets are one of the most necessary and important accessories of your home and office that catch a lot of dirt and dust quite fast. Every time you reach home or your employees enter the office, they bring in a lot of dust and dirt, all of which get stuck in the carpet. If you don't clean the carpet at frequent intervals or can't maintain it properly, it won't last you long. You would surely not like to invest in a carpet every other year, isn’t it? So, it's essential to ensure proper cleaning of your carpet. This is where a quality carpet cleaning equipment can help.

Why Should You Know about the Different types of Carpet Cleaning Machines?

While it's true that the benefits of using a carpet cleaner are endless, you should know what carpet cleaner fits your needs the best before buying one. Finding the right carpet cleaner, according to your requirements, is not a tough task. All that you need to do is have a fair idea of the different types of equipments available in the market There are lightweight and portable models for domestic use as well as heavy-duty and industrial machines for commercial purposes. If you use the wrong machine at the wrong place, you may end up causing damage to the carpet. If you have a fair knowledge about the different types of carpet cleaners available in the market, it'll be easy for you to check and compare the features in a professional carpet steam cleaner.

Where can You Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment?

There are many manufacturers who provide carpet cleaners both for commercial and residential purposes. Knowing the common brand names and the popular models will be helpful for you when you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning equipment for sale. You can get a carpet cleaner from a home improvement store, a department store or a discount store. However, when buying commercial cleaners, you should check the stores of specialty retailers as well as the industrial supply outlets to get quality machines at great prices. In these stores, you can also get a good quality carpet cleaning equipment for sale. Be it a truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment or a carpet steam cleaner, you can rest assured of having a lot of options to take your pick from.

Understanding the Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Before you start looking for the different models of carpet cleaners, you should have a clear idea of the different types:

  • Small Sized Canister Carpet Cleaners – These types of carpet cleaners are typically mounted on wheels so that the machine can be easily moved around. The rolling canister contains clean water and the cleaning solution, in addition to the dirty water that the suction pipe returns. You may also find a canister carpet cleaner with a heating element. This keeps the cleaning water hot or can also convert it into steam. The canister attachments usually include a suction wand, a combined applicator, a furniture cleaning attachment and a scrubber. Make sure you set the canister adjacent to the area that you're going to clean. Either the scrubber or the wand comes with a hose pipe, which stays attached to the cleaning machine. You can use the scrubber and the wand to spray the steam, water and cleaning solution. These cleaners are usually used for domestic purposes. You can also use these types of cleaners in small offices or areas with public access.

  • Spot Cleaners – These types of cleaners are highly portable and you can easily carry them to the particular point of the carpet that needs to be cleaned. These cleaners come with a small tank that holds carpet shampoo and water. There is also a return tank where the dirty water that’s vacuumed up is stored. There are certain models where you need to push the cleaner back and forth over the particular spot that you want to clean. You may also find models that come with rotating brushes. You can use a spot carpet cleaner also as a furniture cleaner if you need to get rid of dirt smudges or small stains. Although these are primarily designed for home use, they are sometimes used at commercial organizations too, thanks to their portability.

  • Large Rolling Machines – These types of cleaners are largely used as commercial carpet cleaning equipment. These machines vary in size to a great extent – right from a vacuum style carpet cleaner to self-propelled, bigger, walk-behind machines. The bigger machines come with large tanks. If you need to cover large areas, it's advisable to use these machines. These machines are designed in a way so that they can be maneuvered without any difficulty. However, you should be clear about your requirements before choosing a model. If you need to clean carpets of large banquet halls, conference rooms or other public gathering places, you should opt for the self-propelled or walk-behind units.

These are some of the popular types of carpet cleaners that you should know about in order to make an informed decision. To know more about commercial carpet cleaning equipments or browsing through several models to take your pick, you can check our repertoire. You may even contact our experts to get suggestions about the best carpet cleaning equipment to fit your specific cleaning needs.


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