March 02, 2015

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner Machine and Maintaining It

Carpet Cleaning MachineKeeping your house or office spic and span is what you dream of always as this is the key to impress and wow your guests. Carpets are one of those items that get dirty quite quickly. If you are worried about how to clean those dirty carpets, there’s no need to lose sleep. After all, there’s no dearth of cleaning options available in the market. However, using a carpet cleaner machine is considered to be the most effective way. Although you can hire a professional and it's often less tiring, it may cost you a lot as compared to using an advanced carpet cleaner. 

While it's true that a carpet cleaning machine helps you clean a carpet with little effort, it's important to choose the right model. If you're not able to figure out the best model of carpet cleaner, you may have to suffer a lot. If the machine is less powerful than what you require, it won't be able to clean all the dirt effectively. On the other hand, if you buy something larger than what you need, you may find it difficult to move around and do the cleaning tasks efficiently. Hence, it's important to know how you can choose the best model and keep your carpet clean and inviting.

Check the Size Of a Steam Cleaner

If you want the machine to lift embedded dirt from the carpet, you should stick to the steam cleaner models that come with powerful and large motors. These models prove to be more effective when it comes to removing embedded dirt from carpets. It's advisable to use the cleaning solutions provided by the manufacturers while using the machine to remove dirt. Otherwise, the warranty would get void in most of the cases. You may also cause damage to the cleaning machine by using cleaning solutions from any other source than that recommended by the manufacturer.  

Using a Pressure Washer

While cleaning a carpet, you often need to refill water in the tanks. You can consider using a pressure washer since the separate tanks for hot water and the cleaning solutions make the process of refilling easier and quicker. The smaller the tank is, the more frequently you have to refill the tanks. You should also take the weight of the machine into consideration. Make sure you carry and push the machine to a certain distance before you buy it is equally important, especially if you are planning to carry it up and down the stairs.

Car Carpet Cleaner

Carpet is something that you put not only in your home, but also in your car. Since it tends to get dirtier fast, it's advisable to use an auto detailing machine instead of the usual carpet cleaner. There are non-heated upholstery cleaning machines that can clean carpets and the fabric upholstery of your car without causing any damage. These are also ideal for cleaning carpets on the stairs. You just need to make sure that you buy models with the requisite attachments, which suit your carpet cleaning needs, be it removing the dust and grime, pet hairs or both.  

Be Careful While Using a Steam Cleaner

Operating a steam cleaner needs adequate attention on your part since you're going to use electricity and water at the same time. It's advisable to plug the machine into an outlet that comes with a ground fault circuit interrupter. Make sure you wear proper hearing protection if you're going to use the machine for a long period of time. Also, try avoiding walking or placing furniture on the carpet until the cleaning job is over and the carpet is completely dry.

Ensure Proper Venting For Your Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning your carpet is undoubtedly a tedious job. You need to ensure a proper venting process to enjoy good results. This is important because most of the cleaning solutions and stain removers emit fumes. Hence, you should keep the doors and windows open and the fans on while cleaning carpets. This, in fact, is of crucial importance if someone in your home suffers from some kind of respiratory problems like asthma since the dirt and emitted fumes can lead to severe respiratory problems.

Consider Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

If it's not possible for you to remove the dirt and clean the carpet completely, you can think of hiring a pro. Make sure you get quotes from multiple companies and check their references thoroughly before selecting a competent one authorized to handle such tasks. Check if the company carries liability insurance and whether or not all the employees are trained as well as experienced. Find out what kind of a carpet cleaner they are planning to use to remove dirt from your carpet and check if that’s suitable for your carpet.

Ideally, they should remove spills and stains with spot removal and vacuum the carpet properly before deep cleaning it. Try to get an invoice, along with a detailed written estimate form the professionals, to ensure that you get your money’s worth. However, if you clean your carpet after regular intervals and use the best carpet cleaners along with the right cleaning techniques, you can handle the task all on your own. You can check our line of carpet cleaning products to take your pick.

A carpet, if maintained properly, can last for years. This is why it's important to buy the right carpet cleaner for your household and maintain it properly. 


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