September 24, 2014

Daimer Industries Produces the Best Carpet Shampooer

Daimer Industries has led the United States in the production of commercial and industrial cleaning solutions for years. We are the most recognized brand of cleaning machines and continue to innovate, providing improved solutions with every iteration of our products. We manufacture popular product lines such as KleenJet, Super Max, Vapor Flo, and XTreme Power. These products are used in commercial businesses and at the industrial work sites of thousands of companies worldwide. In fact, Daimer Industries products are used in more than 200 countries and territories. Right here in the United States, we can even claim a user at the nation's highest office—the White House.

In the private sector, many of the world's largest corporations rely on the cleaning power of Daimer Industries machines. A small sampling of our customers include restaurants such as Arby's, McDonald's, Burger King, and Domino's Pizza; automobile manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company, Nissan, and Toyota; hotel chains including J. W. Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Hampton Inns, and Red Roof Inn; and major industrial manufacturers like Raytheon, Pratt Whitney, Citgo Oil, and Cargill Incorporated.

We don't expect you to buy our products because Fortune 500 companies purchase them. But we do feel that the scope of major companies that have invested in our cleaners serves as one of the most reliable votes in favor of the effectiveness and durability of our products. If the large purchasing departments of these businesses have decided that Daimer Industries' cleaning solutions are the best value, perhaps that means our products will be great for your business, too.

How We Came to Produce the Industry's Best Carpet Shampooers

Every business starts from somewhere. The same is true for us at Daimer Industries, even as we've developed into a world leader, not just in sales but in the scope of our offerings—more than 700 models are available for purchase. Our business started with a core tenet to serve our customers. This tenet manifested itself in several ways. For one, we decided up front to use the highest quality component parts, no exceptions. Using the best quality parts was a start. From there, we committed to making every adjustment to benefit only one person, our end user. We refused then and refuse now the idea that research and development departments should spend their time looking to decrease the quality of a product just to increase its profit margin. We will never agree to that concept.

Our customer-first mentality extended to the operation of our assessment and sales staff. We know that our customers, in the midst of running their own business, don't have the time to complete all the meticulous research necessary to weigh the benefits and costs of every last feature. With that in mind, we decided not to pay our sales staff a commission based on the model they sell to the consumer. That means that our staff makes the same amount of money whether you purchase our least expensive or most expensive model. As a consumer, that means that any advice you want or need can be delivered impartially. And that brings us to another core value of Daimer Industries: We have an interest in selling only the product that is the best fit for you and your business.

For us, this has meant operating on smaller profit margins than many of our competitors. But our strategy has worked. Our open, honest communication with customers, combined with a first-rate product, has allowed our volume of sales to grow our business and continue developing the leading cleaning solutions in the industry, from the best carpet shampooers to high-quality pressure washers.

Carpet Shampooers Available from Daimer Industries

We offer four models of carpet shampooers, all from our XTreme Power series. The XTreme Power XPH-9600, our model dedicated to commercial-grade needs, is designed to clean low- and high-pile carpets and includes truck mount power. It features adjustable pressure levels that can reach 500 pounds per square inch. Two inline heating elements are able to bring water up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit in just five minutes. With a seventeen gallon carpet wash machine, you'll be able to cover large areas before needing to dump or refill the product. The average drying time is about two hours, a result of our low-flow function technology that also stretches the range of the machine. A twelve-inch wand is included with the device, with additional attachments available separately. The XTreme Power XPH-9650 model has the same power and heating specifications of the 9600 but with a design tailored specifically for low-pile carpets.

Both the XTreme Power XPC 12000 and XTreme Power 12000H are powerful, walk-behind carpet cleaners perfect for commercial or industrial settings with high foot traffic. Pump pressure can reach 220 pounds per square inch, with water temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for the 12000 model and 210 degrees Fahrenheit for the 12000H model. Like the other models, they feature low-flow technology that reduces drying time, in this case to about one hour. The units include a 20-inch stainless steel cleaning head with brush. Optional wands from 10 to 12 inches can be purchased separately.

All of our carpet shampooers include two gallons of free Eco-Green Carpet Care cleaner. This propriety cleaning solution avoids leaving a chemical residue on your carpets and provides a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solution for all of your carpet cleaning needs.


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