January 26, 2015

Best Industrial Carpet Extractor

Industrial Carpet ExtractorIf you work in an industry that deals with grease, oil mud, water, debris or any other substance you probably carry a lot of things on the bottom of your shoes that can stain a carpet. Constantly walking on an area can not only surface stain a carpet but really grind that debris into the carpet make it too deep for a regular carpet cleaner to pull out. Regular carpet cleaners are meant to clean the carpet of surface stains. This means that anything on the carpet that has absorbed into the top layer and even deeper into the batting underneath is pretty much stuck there unless you use a best industrial carpet extractor which is made specifically for penetrating deep into a carpet and pulling out odors, stains and substances that have absorb deep into a carpet. Using a carpet extractor is not any more complicated than using a regular carpet cleaner. It uses a different soap and really reaches those hard to get stains out. It can be really frustrating to have a stain that just won’t lift from your floor. No matter how many times you take the carpet cleaner to it, it just always seems to be there. This may mean you need to switch over to the extractor to allowing for a deeper clean throughout the carpet.

What is a Carpet Extractor?

A carpet extractor is a common piece of equipment and you may have even used one and not known it. The best industrial carpet extractors use a combination of heat, cleaning solution, pressure and suction to pull up your deep set stains. Fortunately, these extractors are made for home use and business use meaning they come in a variety of sizes. This is great for you because you can easily have a small one which is for office use or even cleaning the inside of work vehicles or family car. If you have a building with large areas that need clean you can opt for a bigger size carpet extractor. Since the carpet extractors are more powerful than a regular unit it is better able to suck up the moisture from the carpet allowing for much shorter drying times. Hours of not being able to use the area you cleaned will not be a problem with one of these. Because the sizes are so versatile you are not limited on what you choose to deep clean. Any area is pretty much reachable. You just have to make sure you use the correct cleaner, which is typically a non foaming cleaner for these extractors and properly clean the unit when you are finished. This goes for any carpet cleaning unit. To sum it up you get a deeper clean and shorter drying times. This product is a great option for any size area with deep set in stains.

How to use a carpet extractor?

When it comes to using a carpet extractor you will notice each one is similar but still comes with a set way to use it. It is important to follow the guidelines that come with your unit. One thing to note and know is it is important when using any best industrial carpet extractor that you have to vacuum the carpet very well before using it. By vacuuming the carpet prior you are allowing the extractor to just focus on the stains and not get clogged with actual debris that is sitting in or on the carpet. It is not a dry vacuum, it uses water to clean and anything solid in your carpet can create an issue with suction and clogging of the machine. You may notice when you are using the extractor the water coming out is very dirty. This is even more of a surprise if you felt like you had a clean carpet to begin with. The reasons for this is you are sucking of dirt and grime from the deepest part of the carpet. No matter how many times you have spot cleaned a stain, used a regular carpet cleaner you are still only removing surface stains. This can make your carpet look fresh and clean. But that does not mean its “Clean.” Every so often it is a good idea to switch up the use of your carpet cleaning and go for a much deeper clean. 

When you have visitors over to your home or customers enter your workspace you want to make a great first impression. You want to have a home that smells nice and free from odors that have hung around in your carpet from either pets or children. It is even more certain that you want your customers and manufacturers who come by your space to feel like to you take pride in your work, job and product. Having a clean carpet may seem small and not worth the hassle. Just because you have gotten use to the stains and smell does not mean others will not notice. They will, just like you do when you go a new place. Take the time to invest in something beneficial to the appearance of your place by getting a best industrial carpet extractor you will have a worry free, very clean area to entertain, work, host meetings and give presentations. Everyone’s focus will be on the activities going on instead of the look and smell of your floor. There is no reason to delay anymore you can purchase what you need with full customer service and support through our website. Stop by and visit Daimer today. 


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