Simultaneous 2-User Carpet Cleaners

Simultaneous 2-User Carpet Cleaners

Simultaneous Dual-User Carpet Cleaners: Maximum Productivity, High Quality

There are a lot of carpets to be cleaned, if you offer professional carpet cleaning or car washing services. Inside cars, you will be expected to use the machines for removing grease, stains, mold, and other dirt from fabric upholstery. It is recommended that you use simultaneous dual-user carpet cleaners to save time and achieve the best results.

Think of what you can achieve with even a single user carpet cleaning machine that carries Daimer®'s guarantee of quality. You can clean upholstery, carpets, and even reduce the environmental impact through the use of low flow industrial carpet cleaners. The best carpet cleaning systems offer pressures up to 500 PSI. Highly advanced commercial carpet cleaners, with maximum temperature of 210°F, are capable of reaching high temperatures in just five minutes, thanks to their two inline heating elements. These heated carpet steam cleaners also offer the option of using non-heated water for cleaning delicate carpets. Heated carpet steam cleaners eliminate grease and much of the stains that mar the appearance of carpets.

Twice the Productivity

While single user machines are productive, effective, and durable, you may wish for additional productivity. Simultaneous dual-user carpet cleaner machines, which offer double the productivity of a single user machine, are indispensable for commercial carpet cleaning. They are the best carpet cleaning systems for industries with heavily carpeted areas. These carpet cleaning systems are the ultimate in high productivity equipment for removing grime, stains, and odors from carpets.

Carpet cleaning machines that have low flow rates bestow many advantages. These high-powered carpet shampooers need less water to clean carpets. They also enable carpets to dry faster, thereby preventing the appearance of mold on carpets. These carpet cleaning machines also help carpets to stay cleaner for a longer time, as their powerful vacuum extraction draws out most of the detergent, besides dirt, from the carpets. As detergents have been known to attract dirt particles, the removal of detergents from carpets ensures that the carpets remain clean and dust free for longer.

Durable Parts and Accessories

Simultaneous dual-user carpet cleaner machines have high-quality wands that are corrosion resistant and create greater vacuum extraction power. Another reason for the popularity of these simultaneous dual-user carpet cleaners is their high capacity solution and recovery tanks. This allows longer duration of operation and is one of the features that enhance productivity in carpet cleaning equipment.

High-powered carpet shampooers are powered by durable motors and pumps. The pump pressure is high and the vacuum motors are rugged enough to generate water lift up to 100 inches and beyond. There are plenty of other benefits in using these machines to clean carpets. If you want fast, glitch-free operations, investing in these carpet wash machines would be the correct solution.

Daimer®'s carpet cleaning products also include biodegradable detergents that are ecofriendly. These detergents can be used in combination with carpet wash machines to achieve perfect carpet cleanliness without taking a heavy toll on the environment. The ecofriendly detergents are non toxic, non corrosive, and best of all, they are highly effective in removing stains from carpets.

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