International Steam Hot Water Extractors 50Hz

International Steam Hot Water Extractors 50Hz
10 International Steam Hot Water Extractors 50Hz
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Carpet Cleaning the Right Way Using Advanced Carpet Extractors

Carpet cleaning using conventional methods and traditional cleaning machines cannot help in achieving the desired results. Carpets, especially those used in commercial setups and industrial facilities, attract an unusually high amount of dirt, grime, and stains, due to high foot traffic. Dirty and soiled carpets can affect your business adversely. Carpet cleaning machines with advanced cleaning features are necessary for effectively cleaning and maintaining carpets. Daimer®, the leading supplier of hot water extractors, supplies cleaning machines designed to tackle the toughest of carpet cleaning tasks in any commercial and industrial facilities.

Heated Carpet Cleaners Offer Enhanced Cleaning Power

Daimer® is the industry’s leading supplier of carpet steam cleaning systems. Their advanced heated carpet extractor comes with a variety of features which help in delivering unmatched cleaning results. The latest introductions from Daimer® include hot water carpet extractors that not only clean carpets comprehensively but also ensure that they dry faster by using minimal quantity of water without affecting the quality of cleaning in any way.

A heated carpet steam cleaning equipment from Daimer® is capable of creating temperatures of up to 210°F within minutes. Hot water carpet extractors can easily remove the most stubborn and toughest of stains from carpets and make them look clean and new, adding more value to the looks of your office or residence. The convenience of using these hot water extractors is further enhanced by the feature which allows operators to adjust the temperature of the heated carpet extractor according to the needs of the cleaning application.

Carpets made of wool or natural fibers cannot be cleaned with a hot water carpet extractor because they are sensitive to heat and can shrink and damage the carpet. The advanced technology available in Daimer®'s hot water extractor allows operators to use cold water in such cases. The multi-functional heated carpet extractors have the versatility to clean all types of carpets effectively with no risk of damage.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Better Results

Daimer®'s hot water extractor machines come with innovative cleaning technologies that help operators’ clean carpets faster and effortlessly than before. The eco-green chemicals available from Daimer® further enhance the cleaning capability of these machines. These eco-friendly chemicals just need to be sprayed on the carpets and left on them for a up to fifteen to remove the most stubborn of stains and grime from the deepest layers of carpet fibers. Placing the chemical into the water chamber is completely wasteful since the solution will be extracted immediately upon flowing onto the carpet. Pre-spraying is much more effective.

Hot water extractors that use large quantities of water can cause problems of mold, mildew, and microorganism growth on carpets. Most heated carpet extractors from Daimer® feature powerful inline heating elements that allow the machines to reach optimum temperature levels within just five minutes. The advance hot water carpet wash systems come standard with Daimer®’s unique low flow technology. This ground-breaking technology reduces the use of water significantly, and thus makes these machines extremely eco-friendly.

Daimer® is committed to improving the quality of cleaning its advanced machines offer. That effort is seen in the several additional wands and attachments the company offers with its hot water extractor systems. These wands have unsurpassed extraction powers and offer power-packed suction which can extract fine debris and dirt from all hidden corners and inaccessible areas effortlessly.

User-friendly features like suction and air flow make Daimer® portable carpet cleaner systems the best machines for all types of carpet and upholstery cleaning. The latest carpet cleaner models also offer up to 100 feet of hose length which can widen the reach of these machines. You can clean an area of up to 31000 square feet without moving the machine.

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