September 23, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Equipment from Daimer Industries to Protect Your Investment

Carpet is an investment. It is an investment in comfort, an investment in a sense of warmth, and an investment in the acoustics of your commercial space. It can also present a difficult cleaning challenge. Even home carpets, with their comparatively limited use, require occasional cleaning to lift dirt and stains too stubborn for standard vacuums to capture. Thorough cleaning requires the right carpet cleaning equipment. But not all equipment is produced with the same dedicated \craftsmanship as solutions provided by Daimer Industries. For years, Daimer Industries has been the U.S. leader in the manufacture and sale of top of the line carpet cleaning equipment.

Our expertise and attention to detail has helped thousands of customers worldwide protect their investment. We know it is a crowded marketplace for carpet cleaning equipment. Many companies claim to have developed industry-leading products and unique solutions that can meet your needs. But only Daimer Industries has the length and breadth of an extensive track record to stand behind our claims. We have developed a wide range of products that vary in size and power to ensure that you have access to the specific solution you need in your industry.

The value of choice and the quality of every product means that you can rest assured the purchase of carpet cleaning equipment from Daimer Industries will protect your investment. Carpet is a fantastic flooring option when it appears bright and clean—it can quickly devalue customer expectations if it appears dirty or neglected. Get the most from both investments, the one for your carpet and the one for your carpet cleaner, with a solution from Daimer Industries.

Choosing the Right Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine for Your Business

There are many factors that help you determine which carpet cleaning machine is right for you. Before you start shopping, you'll want to make a list of some of the critical elements unique to your business that will help during the decision-making process. First, what level of traffic does your carpet experience? Is traffic concentrated through a few passageways or spread equally throughout your location? What type of damage does your carpet endure—dirt, sand, construction materials? What threads compose your carpet? And in what type of environment is your building located?

All of these questions will provide you with baseline information that will help you sift through the many options provided by Daimer Industries. We have eleven models to fit any job, regardless of type or size. Our offerings start with the XTreme Power XPC-5700, which provides a pump capable of delivering up to 120 pounds per square inch of pressure and water temperature as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As with all of our steam vacuums, we  include a starter supply of Daimer's Eco-Green Carpet Care solution. This provides you the opportunity to experience, free of charge, the benefits of our uniquely designed solution that provides exceptional cleaning ability while minimizing the impact on the environment. While other solutions often leave a chemical residue behind, our product leaves no trace.

Additional carpet cleaning offerings include the larger XTreme Power XPH-6400I, with a ten-gallon system that is also highly portable—it fits easily into cars, vans, and trucks. With 170 pounds per square inch of pressure, it has the power to tackle more difficult jobs while retaining the mobility you need. The twenty-five-foot hose can cover up to 2,000 square feet without having to readjust the position of the main unit. An exceptional feature of this model, and an achievement found throughout our line of steam cleaners, is a remarkable drying time of about two hours. Lower drying times are a result of the efficient use of water. This means you need less water, conserving resources, spend less timing dumping or refilling the machine, and lower your cost of use.

Our most powerful models are led by the XTreme Power XPH-12000H, which is suitable for both commercial and industrial uses. With 220 pounds per square inch of pressure and heating temperatures up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, you will not find a more effective stain remover in the marketplace. And still, with our low-flow technology, you'll see drying times of less than one hour. A twenty-inch cleaning path and fifty-foot power cord means you can cover a lot of ground—fast. Just two gallons of our cleaning solution are sufficient to cover a 64,000 square foot area.

Why Thousands Have Chosen Daimer Industries

Daimer Industries is the worldwide leader in commercial and industrial cleaning solutions. Our product catalog includes far more than just carpet cleaners. Our years of experience in the industry have paid dividends for our clients, which include many Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest brands in the world, like Coca-Cola and American Airlines. We continue to work every day to create a better machine for you. The entirety of our research and development process focuses on improving our products for the end user, not trying to pad our bottom line.

We provide honest advice through an expert assessment and sales staff that does not work on commission. We believe strongly in openness about our operations and can afford the luxury—we're confident we offer the best product at the best price.


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