October 09, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Machines Save the Day

Carpet is an amazing invention, and one of the best types of flooring that you can invest in. While it might not be as durable as hardwood floors or even tile, it does have some other, more important properties. For example, it is far more welcoming and in some cases far more professional looking. In addition to that, the material is great at absorbing sound which is why call centers and office buildings prefer to use it. In other words, it prevents that nasty echo that you might otherwise hear with dozens or even hundreds of other people in the same room. This is the same reason carpet is more than welcome in virtually any home in America, though it does have other uses. Bear in mind that carpet does retain heat and it will therefore allow a house to become much warmer in the winter than it would have been otherwise.

These are great reasons to make use of carpet in your home or office, but you are probably well aware of the problems that can easily accompany it. For example, your visitors can track mud in through the house, causing the carpet to stain. Then again, some sources of contamination can be a bit closer to home; such as drink spills or the occasional vomit stain. There are some things that simply will not come up with conventional cleaning supplies and with that being the case you will need either home carpet cleaning machines or industrial carpet cleaning machines, whichever your situation may be.

The best carpet cleaning machine can help to renew your carpet and bring it back to the way it was, or at least close to the way it was when you first had it installed. The biggest problem with carpet is that it is a fabric and as such it is prone to absorbing virtually anything from drinks, to dog urine, and many other liquids that can be spilled accidentally. While this might not be a problem at the outset, you will find that liquids can rather easily seep through the carpet and affect the padding underneath. In the worst case scenario this can leak all the way to the floor boards and cause either molding or complete rot. In the event this happens, it may be necessary to not only replace the carpet, but the floor boards as well which can cost somewhere in the neighborhood of five to ten thousand dollars depending on how much you need to pay for labor. For this reason, many landlords do not allow pets in their apartments simply because it is bound to happen at some point. As you can see, it is better to spend a few thousand dollars on a carpet cleaner now than spend considerably more later on a complete floor replacement.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Machines – A Miracle in their own Right

As we said in the previous paragraph there are many different issues that your carpet could experience, and your setting will likely determine what sort of cleaning instrument you require. Portable carpet cleaning machines have often been used in homes because they can easily be moved up and down stairs with little to no difficulty. In an industrial setting you will need something a bit stronger, and professional carpet cleaning machines are actually a great option for you to consider. As you probably know, a steam cleaner operates by loosening the dirt which has worked its way into the carpet, and then uses the built-in vacuum to suck said dirt into the holding tank. Depending on the size of the water tank and holding tank, the process can continue for an hour or more. Industrial carpet cleaning machines have a better chance of continuing for several hours as they not only have a larger tank, but also do not need to be cleaned quite as often.

Industrial vs. Home

Even if you are simply taking care of the carpets in your home it is not a terrible idea to use an industrial carpet cleaner/steam cleaner. The reasons, of course, are the same for using it in an industrial setting. Longer uptime, easier refills, less chance of clogs, etc.  You should note that the industrial models are going to be far more expensive than the standard home models, though with good reason. While you might only pay $100-$200 for a home model, you do, as they say, get what you pay for. Your best bet would be to take a look at the various models here on the Daimer website and utilize the ‘compare’ option. You can compare several different models side by side to determine which is best for you whether you are looking at the price or the numerous features. Once you have a good carpet cleaner you will be ready to not only keep your carpets clean, but also keep a sanitary environment by eliminating bacteria and the chance of mold. The future of your house of office building depends on the state of the carpet more often than not, so make sure that you strive to keep it as clean as humanly possible with the best products available. 


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