March 16, 2016

Carpet Extractors Bring Your Cleaning to the Next Level

Commercial Cleaner ExtractorrMost people have heard the terms “carpet cleaner” and “carpet extractor” used interchangeably, even by the companies that produce them. While the two machines are very similar, they are in no way the same. A carpet cleaner is generally the traditional shampooing machine that has been around for several decades and looks an awful lot like your average vacuum cleaner. When referring correctly to carpet extractors, they do so much more than just scrub the cleaning detergent around into the carpet fibers. While shampooers are great, they have served their purpose and now it’s time to move over. There is a new sheriff in town!


Carpet cleaners, or carpet shampooers, generally use a rotating brush similar to that of a vacuum to work soapy detergent or another cleaning solution into the fibers. This method is outdated and leaves all the dirt, grime, and germs behind as well as often leaving residue from the detergent. In many cases, a company will suggest first using a carpet cleaner with detergent, then cleaning again with only water to help remove the soapy residue. Not only is it inefficient to clean carpets this way, but also it may make it even harder to properly clean the carpet later because it has worked the dirt so deeply into the fibers with the rotating brush rather than actually removing the dirt.

Unlike its dated competitor, a carpet extractor does exactly what its name suggests – it extracts the contaminants from the carpet instead of just brushing them further into it. There are still fundamental things the two types of machine have in common. Similarly to a traditional carpet cleaner, a carpet extractor also uses water and/or cleaning solution to work the dirt out of the fibers. However, the major difference in the process is that it also lifts the detergent and dirt from the carpet. This process does not leave behind the residue that a traditional carpet cleaner will. A carpet extractor will leave your carpets looking fresh and new again in ways that a carpet cleaner never could just by the simple process of lifting the dirt and detergent out of the fibers instead of letting it sit or having to go back to the area again a second time with water.

Hot or Cold?

 When cleaning anything, the temperature is an important factor to take into consideration. Many traditional carpet cleaners have only one temperature option – hot or cold. While there are merits to both, most people choose hot over cold because cleaning solutions dissolve more effectively in warm water, but what if you could have the best of both worlds? At Daimer, we know every carpet is different, and every mess needs different care to make sure you don’t cause any additional damage. With carpet extracting machines, you can adjust from hot to cold as needed and depending on the model, the maximum temperature may even be more extreme.

Why does temperature matter, though? Well, like we said before, hot water dissolves materials better than cold water. This comes down to the basic science we all learned in middle school – when a substance is heated, the molecules “jiggle” around more and at a higher speed. This causes the cleaning agent to work more efficiently because chemical processes happen faster at a higher temperature. Hot water also encourages the carpet fibers to relax so they will open up more and release the dirt trapped even in the tightest weave. Energy is needed to pull dirt away, and the hot water provides that energy which cold water can’t.

Goodbye, ladies and germs

Carpet extractors lift the dirt and grime from carpet fibers, they offer the option to choose the right temperature for the task at hand, but what about cleaning carpets where germs, bodily waste, mold or mildew need to be removed? Worry not; there is a solution for even this problem! If you are dealing with a particularly grimy carpet, a Daimer carpet extractor in conjunction with the Eco-Green carpet cleaning solution is the only answer. It will help remove everything from even a particularly tough case, leaving the carpet cleaner, healthier, and germ-free.

X-Treme Power = X-Treme Clean

The best commercial carpet extractor on the market comes from the Daimer X-Treme Power line of models. These carpet extractors offer a variety of settings and builds from temperature control to various different water pressure options so that you can get the most out of your machine. The X-Treme Power machines are built to service both industrial and commercial needs as well as the needs of private individuals. They are built to last with minimal maintenance as long as they are used for their intended purpose and volume. If you want a cleaner, healthier carpet, choose a Daimer X-Treme Power carpet extractor.


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