February 02, 2015

Choosing The Perfect Carpet Cleaner And Steam Cleaner

Carpet CleanerCarpet stains are bound to happen whether you have kids, pets or just all alone in the house. However, they do not have to be permanent anymore with the advent of steam cleaning equipment. Carpet cleaners represent a distinct cleaning technology that cannot be matched by any other cleaning machines in the industry. For those in the auto detailing business, then steam cleaners are must have items of trade. Auto detailing ensures that cars interiors are kept looking clean and so it’s important to get the best carpet washer available in the market.

If you want your carpets to serve you for longer, then it’s important that you take great care of them. The right carpet cleaner does that perfectly well, that’s why it’s really critical to consider the type of machine you want to purchase to reap all the benefits of carpet cleaning. A good steam washer deep cleans all the dirt that is hidden in your carpet, giving a sparkling clean appearance and improving the longevity of your carpet.  Before purchasing a steam cleaning machine, always look out for a balance between its handling ability and power. A really powerful machine that is heavy to move around the house will make cleaning your carpet difficult.

Which type of steam cleaner is best for me?

A steam washer works by heating water fast so as to yield steam which is exerted to the surface at high pressure. This leads to the production of a dry steam which helps in getting rid of any dirt, grime, and grease and kills bacteria. A steam washer is able to carry out more than one cleaning task.

Before you pick a steam washer, it’s important that you consider your needs and the size of your home. Here are some types of steam washers to pick from when you go out shopping for one at Daimer.com.

Cylinder steam cleaner

They are also known as barrel steam cleaners and they are made of the main body, a hose that is bendy, nozzle and plastic tube. They are similar to cylinder vacuums and are quite heavy when compared to steam mops, but they produce extended steaming times. They are also easy to maneuver around the house.

Hand held steam cleaner

These cleaners are compact and great for someone who has small space since they are easy to store.  If you want a steam washer for small scale, then this could be the best. However, for cleaning large surfaces such as flooring, you will be disappointed.

Steam mops

These mops are usually light and upright with an attached water tank next to the handle. Most come with less or no attachments at all. They deliver more steam power and offer hassle-free flooring.

What to look for in a steam cleaner

When buying a steam washer, it’s important to be careful on the specifications and the attachment tools that are provided as accessories.


When cleaning your floors with a steam cleaner, it’s important that you freely move around for efficient cleaning of your surfaces.


It’s crucial to get a cleaning system that is easily portable. Hand held units require that you hold them all through, and at times they can get heavy.


If you have large space, then by all means get any type of steam washer. However, if you have small space, then consider getting a steam cleaning system that can fit in your space.

Important steam cleaning accessories that are a must have

Steam cleaning system attachments let you handle other cleaning jobs around your home such as cleaning windows, cleaning your car and steaming your clothes. Look out for the following:

  • Cleaning pads- great for wiping surfaces
  • Upholstery tool- makes it easier to treat stains and freshen up fabric.
  • Squeegee- great for cleaning glass
  • Scrubbing brushes- helps in removing grime that is set in tiles

Steam output- what is the best?

Steam output is measured in grams (g) of steam per minute (m). The higher the number, the more effective the steam cleaning unit.

What are the benefits of having a carpet cleaner?

Carpet cleaning offers the most benefits for your family. A carpet washer ensures you have a more beautiful home which is more relaxed and comfortable. Carpet cleaning also ensures you reduce any possible allergy triggers such as pet hair or dust mites.

The minimal use of chemicals when steam cleaning your carpet also helps in environmental preservation. The air that remains is healthy and clean for those in the space. Cleaning your carpet also helps in preventing any chances of mould growth. For areas that have high humidity levels, carpets that are kept dirty are more likely to develop mold especially when they are exposed to moisture. However, when you clean your carpets, you will be getting rid of moisture that can really harm your health if left for too long.

How much do I need to spend for a good steam cleaning system?

You can find a great steam cleaning system at daimer.com at exceptional prices. If you would like to compare different steam cleaners and their prices, visit our website for easy comparison. We offer steam cleaners at competitive prices and we have a wide range of selection you will be spoilt for choice. Our products are made of the highest quality materials and we can assure you of only the best. If after you have purchased your steam washer you have any problems in using the machine, you can always click here to learn how to get into contact with our customer service representatives who will be happy to help you.


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