February 18, 2015

Tackle Your Worst Carpet Stains With Daimer’s Excellent Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet Cleaning EquipmentYour carpets are a reflection of your home or business. Heavily soiled carpets reflect poorly on your cleanliness. However, stains and spills are just a fact of life. Spilling something on your carpets does not mean you are a messy person. If you have kids or pets, spills and stains are inevitable to your carpet, unfortunately. Although immediate action should be used when a stain or spill occurs, sometimes you do not notice the stain for hours after it happens and it may have a long-term effect on the carpet. Also, some spills just are not able to be gotten out of the carpet or are very difficult with just personal carpet cleaners.

Liquids such as red wine, iron-based clay and blood are extremely difficult to remove permanently from the carpet. When this happens, you may seek to call someone who has a professional carpet steam cleaning machine. However, these companies are usually extremely expensive. Carpet cleaning companies that are cheap will usually leave too much water in your carpets and not do as good of a job as an expensive carpet cleaner. So, how is this problem to be remedied? The solution is to invest in your own carpet cleaning equipment for sale on Daimer.com.

We at Daimer’s offer the best products in term of their ability to remove stains and dirt from heavily soiled carpets and have the best quality carpet cleaning equipment parts on them. By investing in a carpet steam cleaner, you will have a huge return on your investment. The purchase of professional carpet cleaning equipment from our website also offers you the peace of mind you deserve: when a stain or spill happens, you will be ready with the commercial carpet cleaning equipment you need to remove it entirely.

Clean heavily trafficked carpets in a business with Daimer’s carpet cleaning machines

If you have a business that sees a lot of traffic during the day, you may notice that dirt and grime gets tracked in repeatedly. It can be hard to clean those carpets by yourself with personal cleaning equipment. That is why it is essential that you invest in your business’ appearance with some of our commercial carpet cleaning equipment for sale on our website. They are designed for precisely this reason. They are able to get up the worst stains and most heavily soiled areas in your carpet with their steam cleaning capabilities.

Steam cleaners are excellent in that not only can they get dirt and grime out of your carpets, they can also remove bad odors from pets or other substances. The way a carpet steam cleaner works is quite simple and anyone should be able to use it to clean their carpets with simple instructions. A steam cleaner uses high heat steam and water to suck up the dirt that is in the carpets. What you are left with is carpet that looks almost brand new. A steam cleaner uses less water than most regular hot water industrial carpet cleaning equipment, which is great news for your carpets. This means that there is less drying time for your carpets while will allow you to walk on them after about 3-4 hours time.

This also means that because there is a shorter drying time, there is less of a chance that your carpets will have the “wicking” effect that sometimes happens with deep stains. This is when after a carpet cleaning, the dirt “wicks” up to the top of the carpet and stains that may not have been there directly before a cleaning. With our commercial carpet cleaning machines or our truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, this will be greatly reduced and you will also have the ability to go over your carpets several times as needed to make sure the stains completely go away.      

With one of our carpet cleaning equipment packages, you are able to clean your carpets brilliantly and have preventative equipment waiting at a moments notice ready for use. It is especially important for business’ to have carpet cleaning supplies and equipment at the ready because a clean carpet reflects positively on a business and can affect customer service. That is why a purchase of the best carpet cleaning equipment from Daimer’s is needed for every business. It is a business investment that every business person should be able to get behind. Customers appreciate a clean carpet and will notice excessive stains and spills on your carpet, which will in turn reflect negatively on your business. Commercial carpet cleaning machines should be in every business. Once you start using your own carpet cleaning equipment to clean, you will never go back to spending hundreds of dollars on an overpriced carpet cleaning company.

Experience the deep clean that having a professional steam cleaner can have on your home or business. All of our products on our site are well within your budget. The purchase of a carpet cleaning steam cleaner should not be one that is a serious investment. We at Daimer’s believe that everyone should be able to have professional carpet cleaning equipment for their home or business because everyone deserves to have deeply cleaned carpets that look spectacular after one cleaning. Combining our carpet cleaners with our excelling carpet cleaning shampoo is the perfect combination for your carpets. You will be amazed how magnificent they look and will wonder why you did not purchase one sooner. 


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