April 14, 2016

Daimer Industries Provides More than One Way to Clean your Carpet

Carpet CleanersWhen it comes to cleaning carpets there are many ways that you can approach the job, but as with anything, not every method is created equal. In a commercial or industrial setting, a simple vacuuming machine is not going to cut it. You need industry leading equipment that can not only lift out dirt and debris, but also remove stains and sanitize carpets so that they’re in top condition. At Daimer Industries, we’re market leaders in commercial and industrial cleaning appliances, and if you take a look at just a few of the machines we have on offer, you will quickly understand why.

Why You Need the World’s Best Carpet Cleaners from Daimer

Whether it’s home, industrial, or commercial carpet, any installation represents a significant investment. Carpet can set the mood in a room while also providing the practical advantage of warmth, cleanliness, and easy maintenance. If carpets aren’t looked after properly, then the benefits start to diminish.

There are many contaminants that can damage carpets. Dirt and debris are the most obvious, as they can eventually begin to act as abrasives that deteriorate the carpet fiber. This is true with both synthetic and organic carpets. Dirt not only damages carpet, but it will discolor it, and this can make carpets unsightly, which can be especially damaging for businesses. Carpet can also trap odors, and without the right cleaning methods, these odors are highly detrimental to the comfort and atmosphere in any room. As if all this wasn’t enough, unclean carpets can host microorganisms that lead to illness and allergic reactions. Viruses can live in carpet for weeks at a time, and the dirtier the carpet is, the more likely it is to contain contaminants that can lead to health problems.

With all this in mind, it’s obvious that you need expert cleaning machines from a company like Daimer. Let’s read more about three popular models.

Daimer XTreme Power XPC-5700 Commercial Grade Carpet Cleaner

An entry level model doesn’t mean that you have to settle for sub-par performance. This carpet cleaner still includes the same precision design and high quality construction that is found throughout the range. This cleaner incorporates a non-heated water system (use water up to 140°F), and 120PSI of pressure. For commercial operators this is a popular model, because it incorporates wet to dry functionality in a single unit. More than just a vacuum, it is possible to remove stains with this unit with the addition of cleaning solution to the water tank. It’s a versatile machine, and can even be used on some cloth upholstery, performing deep cleaning that pulls out stubborn dirt and stains. Although it’s priced within the entry level, it’s a significant step up from domestic carpet cleaners and comparatively priced models from other brands. If you have moderate carpet cleaning requirements or need to clean relatively small areas, then this is the perfect starter machine. Because it is affordable, it’s also an excellent machine for startup cleaning businesses looking to make a good investment in a commercial grade cleaner.

Daimer XTreme Power XPH-12000 / 12000H

Available in heated and non-heated variants, the XPH-12000 is the industry standard when it comes to walk-behind maintenance machines. A cleaner like this is perfect for busy commercial operators, or as an investment for hotels, retail showrooms, restaurants, or any location that requires class leading carpet cleaning.

A commercial machine for large jobs should have enough power and performance to ensure that carpet cleaning is completed in the shortest possible time. Because this is a continuous extraction machine, it is perfect for high traffic areas. Extraction pressure is 220PSI, and low flow technology means that carpets can be dried within one hour. Another advantage of this machine is its versatility. With the addition of an optional wand and hose the XPH-12000 can be used as a conventional carpet cleaner, which cuts down on investment as it’s not necessary to purchase a completely separate machine. If you have demanding cleaning needs, the 12000H model offers heating up to 210°F, and operating temperatures are achieved within five minutes.

Daimer XTreme Power XPC-5700U

Let’s round out this overview with another popular model, the XPC-7500U. Designed for commercial grade vehicle carpet and upholstery cleaning, this unit offers powerful 120PSI extraction with a non-heated design. The patented wand makes it easy to apply and extract the cleaning solution, and the powerful two stage motor ensures that residue and dirt is lifted out with ease. To make this unit even more versatile, specially designed stair and upholstery wands can be purchased.

Visit the Daimer Online Store to Explore the Full Range of Cleaners

We’re known around the world for our industry leading cleaners, and a quick visit to www.daimer.com will quickly show you why. Our full range, including the three models above, can cover your needs from light commercial carpet cleaning, to heavy duty industrial shampooing and extraction. Choose the best and receive the benefits of easy finance, class leading efficiency, and cleaning power that effortlessly beats the competition.


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