January 23, 2015

Where to find the best carpet shampooer

carpet shampooerIn our modern-day society there can be no argument that presentation is everything. To a consumer, an employee, a prospective client or even to your neighbor, perception is reality. And as true as this is, so too is the fact that a good first impression truly does matter.

First impressions come in many shapes and sizes, from the obvious, such as can be seen in retail stores, to the less obvious, such as in a home or an office building. The one thing that every environment has in common that people take for granted... is the floor.

Nothing can defile the impeccable image that you have worked so hard to achieve than a marred floor. Similarly, a pristine floor will openly advertise a level of professionalism and attention-to-detail that is second to none, in any environment.

As a business professional, or as conscientious homeowner, anyone who has carpets inevitably needs to have them cleaned. With this kind of need at hand, a carpet shampooer is your ideal solution. At Daimer.com, it is our pleasure to make your carpet cleaning successful.

Daimer Industries Carpet Shampooers.

When it comes to cleaning carpets effectively, there are several things that you need to take into account. Daimer's experience in the industry has allowed us to streamline the products that we offer so that the following factors are already taken care of so that you don't have to worry about them:

  • Carpet shampooers need water to function. Water takes time to try. To minimize dry time, our machines utilize a low flow feature that keeps water consumption at a minimum. Not only does this mean that your carpets dry faster, it also greatly reduces the risk of mold.
  •             Suction power defines just how much dirt gets pulled out of the carpet fibers. Our carpet extractor systems employ a superior suction capability than other brands, ensuring that every little piece of dirt and grime are removed during the cleaning process.
  •             As is the same with hair shampoo, the quality of the cleaning chemicals that you use can have an enormous impact on the success of your endeavor. The eco-green chemicals that are available from Daimer are sprayed onto the carpet before cleaning. After drying for a few minutes, these chemicals further enhance the deep-clean that you can look forward to from your carpet shampooer.
  •             Finally, one aspect of the cleaning process that will augment everything mentioned above is heat. Our machines create high temperatures, up to 210ºF. These temperatures, in conjunction with the other features we provide, help to break down and eliminate even the toughest of stains. Additionally, since stains come in all sizes, you can adjust the temperature of your carpet shampooer as needed.

Selecting the best carpet shampooer for your needs.

We offer four different models of carpet shampooers, encompassing any challenge you may face from commercial to industrial levels. Here are a few key points for each model:

  • The XPH-9600 is our most basic, commercial carpet shampooer. The XPH-9600 is geared towards low and high pile carpets. It offers adjustable pressure levels up to 500 PSI and can heat your water up to 210ºF within 5 minutes. Offering a 17 gallon capacity, this model provides a drying time of approximately two hours. Included with this model is a 12” adjustable carpet cleaner wand.
  • The XPH-9650 is our first commercial and industrial grade carpet shampooer. The XPH-9650 provides all of the same features as the XPH-9600 and is configured specifically for low pile carpet, offering power equivalent to that of a truck mount machine.
  • Our second most powerful machine is the XPC-12000. This model is a highly powerful walk-behind machine. Non-heated and featuring our Daimer Low Flow technology, the XPC-12000 is ideal for carpets that deal with a great deal of foot traffic and has a dry time of approximately one hour. This box carpet shampooer offers 220PSI  and can support a water temperature of up to 140ºF. This model comes with a built-in 20” stainless steel cleaning head with brush, with the option of ordering 10” and 12” wands. This machine comes with two free gallons of Daimer's eco safe cleaning solution.
  • Our top-of-the-line carpet shampooer is the XPC-12000H. Offering the same features as the XPC-12000, this model is heated and can support a water temperature of up to 210ºF. As our best machine on offer, the XPC-12000H is ideal for areas of highest foot traffic.

Featured in more than 120 trade publications worldwide, Daimer Industries is a top ranked brand of steam cleaners globally, boasting customers in over 200 countries. Our customers are incredibly diverse and range from hundreds of thousands of homeowners to some of the larges and most recognizable names in the world, including the White House. In a more industrial light, we service all branches of our military, the health care services, the hospitality industry, to name but a few.

Daimer is proud to be 100% American and exports to over 240 countries from warehouses right here in the USA. We offer lease-to-own options on many of our products, and within the continental USA you can enjoy free shipping and no sales tax. It's our pleasure to offer you the products you need to shampoo your carpets and we are excited to have the opportunity to assist you in making a first impression that you can count on with Daimer products. 


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