January 18, 2016

How a Carpet Cleaner Can Help Your Business Save Money

Carpet CleanersBelieve it or not, owning a carpet cleaning machine can help your company save money.  It can also preserve and protect your customer/client base, therefore bring in more revenue to your business.  The direct and indirect benefits of owning a commercial carpet cleaner will definitely contribute to your bottom line.

Keep Things in House

A one-time investment of a commercial-grade carpet cleaner means you do not have to hire a third-party service or rent such a device.  Once you own the machine you can use it as much (or as little) as you wish, and one of your employees can be assigned the task of using it.  Since you have not outsourced this task you are saving money.  You can use the carpet cleaner more often, and this means your carpets will be overall cleaner.  Keeping your carpets clean increases their lifespan, thus reducing the need for replacement.  Replacing carpet is a very expensive task and will most likely have a significantly larger price tag than the cost of a carpet cleaning machine.  Weighing the difference in these costs can definitely impact your decision on whether or not to buy a steam cleaner.

Hiring a third party to clean your carpets may seem, in the short term, like a good idea.  However, in the long run, owning your own carpet cleaner will save money in the long term.  The best carpet cleaning machine, when well maintained, will last for many years, whereas hiring someone to clean your carpets for you only lasts for weeks.

A Cleaner Workspace

Whether you have a retail space or an office space, keeping your carpets clean will save you money.  Clean carpets have much less bacteria, helping to keep your staff healthy.  This can lead to fewer sick days, resulting in higher productivity.

Another advantage of owning your own carpet cleaner is the image that a clean environment conveys a very positive image for your company.  Whether it is a retail environment, a waiting room, or offices, keeping the carpets clean is a way to enhance the appearance.  That subtle difference between you and your competitors may be enough to keep your customers loyal to you.  In a competitive world, it is important to do everything you can to keep customers coming back, and owning a carpet cleaner is a good way to do that.

Renting or Buying

While renting a steam carpet cleaner may appear attractive in the short term, it is important to remember that some things are better to buy.  You wouldn’t rent a desk or filing cabinet, why would you rent a carpet cleaner?   In the long term, the decision to buy will save you quite a bit of money.  A carpet cleaner is a sound investment that pays for itself over time.  This is especially true for companies that have multiple locations.  The cost for renting a machine multiple times or multiple days to clean all your locations adds up quickly, and the benefits of renting quickly go away.  Renting also has the down side of having to find time to go and pick up the cleaner, and time to take it back.  There is also the risk of something delaying the task of cleaning your carpets, and the late fees for returning the cleaner can cost a lot of money.


When you have a business, you know that at some point, someone is at some point going to spill food or drink.  While trying to keep a clean look at your location, a spill can be an eye sore that detracts from your environment.  Having your own carpet cleaner can save you the time of calling around to find someone to clean it up for you, or can save you the payroll of having to send an employee to pick up a carpet cleaner.

Money can also be saved in the event that you need after hours carpet cleaning.  Most services will charge a premium for appointments that are after normal business hours.  Having your own carpet cleaner allows for you to clean your carpets before or after hours without handing over extra money to a cleaning service.  Scheduling after hours services is often expensive, so it just makes sense to have your own equipment, and to provide your own labor.  Finding a time that a service is available that matches when you or your staff is available is often times difficult.  With your own carpet cleaner, you can have your carpets cleaned on your own terms, with no scheduling issues and no after-hours charges.  Many business owners find that this convenience is well worth the investment, some wishing they had gotten one much sooner.

It is clear that owning a carpet cleaner can save you money is so many ways.  It helps increase productivity of your employees, keeps a clean environment so your clients are happy, and it eliminates the costs of renting.  A carpet cleaner also saves you the inconvenience of having a service come out, often times requiring that an employee either stay after hours to monitor, or having to wait for a time where the service has an available appointment time.  The ability to keep your carpets clean on your terms makes owning a carpet cleaner a wise decision.  Whether retail or office, whatever the environment, having a carpet cleaner is a common sense way to save money.


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