April 24, 2015

Industrial Carpet Extractors for your Business

Industrial Carpet ExtractorWhen you run a large business that sees a lot of foot traffic keeping your carpets clean is essential. Not only is it vital to clean carpets regularly, the job needs to be done quickly so you don’t lose out on potential business while you wait for soggy carpets to dry. To accomplish a seemingly impossible tasks, you need should invest in the Daimer brand of industrial carpet extractors. We have a line of commercial extractors designed to meet your needs. Our carpet extractors industrial provide the best features and technology available so you can get your carpets cleaned, fast.

Fast drying industrial carpet extractor

When you need an industrial carpet extractor that offers fast drying times, choose one of our quality machines. For example, the XTreme Power XPC-12000 features a low-flow technology that uses less water than traditional models. Because less water is introduced into the carpet and padding it takes less time to dry. In addition to providing a faster-drying clean (just as effective as other extractors), you’ll save water and reduce your impact on the environment.  In addition, we offer original wand technology that offers additional suction equal to the strength of a second motor! Because of the high speeds, up to 200 cfm, the drying time can be reduced to as low as 2 hours. You can easily clean your high-traffic areas overnight or during slow traffic periods.

Reducing the amount of water does not change the level of cleanliness you will experience, but it will reduce drying times and the risk of excess water in your carpets which could damage property or create a hot spot for mold or germs. Less water will save you time and money.

High temperature, high pressure industrial carpet extractor for sale

We offer the best industrial carpet extractor in the industry. With temperatures of up to 210 degrees in less than 20 minutes, you can get your carpets thoroughly cleaned and sanitized quickly. Our heating technology allows temperature adjustments so you can determine how hot the water is based on your carpet needs. Water pressure in our industrial units range up to 500 psi. The water pressure creates tension and forces dirt, dust and grime to remove themselves from the carpet.

Our units offer some of the highest water pressures and hottest temperatures in the industry. You will truly get deeper and better clean and sanitation with one of our high-end industrial carpet extractor for sale. When you have a lot of traffic coming through your business, dirt is constantly being dragged in. Additionally, continued wear will push dirt and grime deeper into the carpet. With our high pressure washers and hot temperatures, the dirt is easily pulled from deep within the carpet fibers and sucked away.

Our best industrial carpet extractor offers useful features

As business owners ourselves, we understand the important of managing time and money. Each of our cleaning machines offers features that are designed to make your carpet cleaning experience easier and faster. One favorite feature is the auto fill and dump. The design allows the unit to automatically pull in clean water and extract dirty water from the chamber down a drain or into a toilet. Simply attach a garden hose to your cleaner and you have an endless supply of water for your cleaning needs. This feature alone could save you hours of time.

In addition, we offer an eco-friendly cleaner that is designed to remove the most stubborn of stains and spots from your carpet without leaving a filmy residue on eh carpet. Many companies rely on chemical-filled soaps and cleaners to dig into your carpet. We believe in using products that are healthy for the environment, and for your business. Our Eco=Green Carpet Care liquid is safe and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals. This is particularly important for businesses who have clients that are sensitive to these type of chemicals. Our solution is perfect for individuals with sensitivities or allergies.

You can save time with this product by applying it to the carpets surface 15-minutes prior to using your commercial extractor. If you apply the cleaner while your water is heating up, the water and cleaner could be ready at the same time, reducing your wait and cleaning time.

We want to make your job easier, which is why we offer special hoses that stretch up to 31,000 square feet! While our units are lightweight and easy to move around, it can be annoying having to drag a machine with you everywhere you go. The super-long hose allows you to clean more space without having to move the cleaner. This is a particularly helpful feature if you have your extractor hooked up to a hose or sink for water.

When you need to clean large areas fast, rely on Daimer’s portable carpet cleaners. With extra-long hoses and power cords you can clean large areas quickly without having to worry about unplugging and dragging your machine around.

At Daimer, we strive to provide the best customer service possible. We service over 200 countries and major corporations with our products. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to make their job a little easier. Our industrial cleaners are designed to help you keep your work place cleaner and healthier without relying on expensive professional services. Let us help you clean your carpets better, faster. Call us today to learn about the type of products we offer or visit our website for a detailed list of professional carpet cleaning extractors in stock. 


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