February 19, 2016

Five Great Non-Toxic Cleaning Tips for Carpet Extracting Machines

Carpet Cleaning EquipmentWhen it comes to cleaning carpets, you're wasting your time, money and energy when you get on your hands and knees and scrub. Anyone who's ever used a carpet extracting machine understands just how useful these machines are – whether it be at home or in the office – and they opt never to return to the world of scrubbing. Why would you, when for a relatively small investment, you can secure a carpet extracting machine to do the work for you?

What are carpet extracting machines? They are, without a doubt, the most commonly used type of carpet cleaning equipment – one that works by spraying water into the carpet and then vacuuming (extracting) the dirt up along with the water... leaving the spot clean, dry and without stain or blemish.

Different carpet extractors will accommodate different uses, so it might seem a little overwhelming when you consider potential options, even with Daimer leading the way in helping you decide. For that reason, we've created a list of five great tips for non-toxic cleaning for your carpet extracting machine.

1. Hot Water Lifts Even the Toughest Stains

We offer two types of carpet extractors, portable heated extractors and portable non-heated extractors. Before you guess at which one is right for you, you'll need to consider the benefits of a heated extractor and the type of extracting that needs to be done.

Generally speaking, a hot water carpet extractor will be the best way to get your soiled carpets looking brand new again. If your carpets are dirty, covered in grime or mud, a hot water extractor will work wonders to remove dirt and deposits, breaking up dirt and grease easily with it's conventional carpet cleaning methods. 

2. Use Hot Water Extractors with More Square Footage

Another generalization that's usually safe to make is the idea of using hot water extractors in larger spaces, like apartment complexes, hotels, commercial and industrial facilities. Why? At Daimer, our powerful and advanced hot water extractor systems can remove even the most stubborn and unmoving stains or spots of thick grime with supreme efficacy.

3. Regular Utilization of Hot Water Extracting Will Extend Carpet Life

Even if your carpet lacks the intense stains that a hot water extractor usually can help, you should be aware that using hot water extracting methods anyway will improve and increase your carpet's quality of life. Hot water carpet extracting machines are great, for that reason, as a preventative maintenance technique and can be considered as an investment in your future. You'll save a whole heap of money when you consider that just routine hot water carpet extracting will eliminate the use for other cleaning products, and will keep you on the same carpet (without springing for the new stuff) for much longer.

4. Know When Not to Use Heat

Heat works well to remove even the toughest stains, but there are times where using heat might be a detrimental mistake. Whether or not you use hot or cold water to extract your stain should be assessed before use, as some stains will set further and possibly spread upon hot water application. Blood is an example of one of these stains, when hot water will cause it to set and make it more difficult to remove the correct way after the mistake has been made.

5. Know When to Use Multi-Functional Heated Extractors

When dealing with carpets made of sensitive fibers and threads, like natural wool, a multi-functional heated carpet extractor is best. Why? These types of carpets cannot tolerate the high temperatures that carpet extractors emit. So, rather than having two carpet extractors in your arsenal, when you have some carpet that's sensitive to heat, stick with a multi-functional extractor that can utilize both hot and cold water independently.

There's no doubt about it, if you have stains in your carpet, or if you're just interested in improving or increasing your carpet's quality of life, consider one of Daimer's carpet extractors – whether it be hot water, cold water or multi-functional, you can't go wrong when you go with Daimer.


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