March 25, 2015

Daimer Industries: An Industry Leader in Portable Industrial Carpet Extractors

Industrial Carpet ExtractorWhen you aren’t working at a grueling forty (or more) hour job, you relax by taking in the presence of animals at the local animal shelter.  While all of the dogs and cats are absolute treasures to hold, cuddle, and on occasion walk, there was one design flaw in the shelter when it was purchased.  Instead of tile floors, there is carpeting in the entire space.  The shelter’s board of directors doesn’t want to spend money on practically anything, including removing the carpet and replacing it with tile.  Because of this, almost every night, a volunteer has to scrub little “accidents” (most unintentional, some unintential) using a store brand cleaner, a brush (on occasion), water, paper towels, and a bit of elbow grease.  In a situation like this, a Daimer industrial carpet extractor with our Eco-Green Carpet Care and Upholstery Cleaner would solve their situation with easy and effective removal of pet stains.

Compact Commercial Use Industrial Grade Carpet Extractors

It never fails.  After an office Christmas party, you survey the conference room for damages.  Not only are there miscellaneous stains on the floor from various office meetings, but now there are wine stains and an assortment of food stains lurking about on the floor.  With its deep cleaning power, Daimer Industries provides an assortment of deep cleaning steam cleaners that will eradicate any stain on a carpeted floor. 

With its lightweight design, a Daimer portable industrial carpet extractor is a perfect office companion to the vacuum cleaner.  Both a vacuum cleaner and our carpet extractors have wheels, however with our extractors, they are larger providing ease of movement.  We offer a variety of portable industrial carpet extractors, from our 4.5 solution gallon tank XTreme Power XPC-5700 to our 15 solution gallon tank XTreme Power XPC‑9600, our products can service a small offices and large offices alike. 

Hybrid Industrial/Commercial Use Portable Industrial Carpet Extractors

After years of foot traffic across the entrances inside your complexes, the light gray commercial carpet that you purchased about five years ago is starting to turn from a dark gray to a black.  Countless feet have stomped on top of it, in all types of weather, leaving water, sleet and dirt embedded in the carpet.  After some consideration, you decided to invest in one of our portable industrial carpet extractors to help salvage the carpet before investing in a new carpet. 

With our industrial/commercial use portable industrial carpet extractors, we can offer you a few options to consider.  Unlike our commercial line, the industrial/commercial offers only a couple different solution gallon tank sizes; 15 and 17 gallons.  Depending on which model you select, your pump may be adjustable to go up to 500 pounds per square inch (psi).  This power will make sure you have the most powerful scrubber to clean your carpet.  While this pressure may sound aggressive, our technology counters that by using a special low flow technology to not only conserve on your solution but offer a faster drying time. 

Industrial Use Portable Industrial Carpet Extractors

While both of the commercial and hybrid commercial/industrial carpet extractors are wonderful for short term uses, when you need to clean a larger space, our portable industrial carpet cleaners are a far superior choice.  We offer two different models in addition to our truck mounted product line.  With our truck mounted industrial carpet extractor line, each of the pumps are gasoline powered, which would make this an ideal product for construction sites to give carpeted areas a final touch up before occupation.  The additional models are quite powerful in themselves.  Similarly to a vacuum cleaner or manual powered lawn mower, the user stands behind the unit and pushes it forward, making broad sweeps across the floor, leaving cleaner carpet in its wake.

Eco-Green Carpet Care and Upholstery Cleaner: Perfect Cleaners to Use with Your Portable Industrial Carpet Extractors

Now that you’ve decided that you want to use our portable industrial carpet extractor for your office, you need to get some of our cleaner to go along with it.  The good news is that you will receive two gallons of cleaner concentrate with purchase of your unit. 

Just like you, we are always concerned about getting exposed to harmful chemicals.  We have created an environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaner that can clean 95% of stain types such as pet stains, dairy stains, grape juice, and wine.  When it comes to biodegradability, our product is leaps and bounds above our more toxic competitors:  our product will be 90% biodegraded within 28 days, opposed to most of our competitor’s cleaners, whose will be only around 50% degraded after the same amount of time.

Daimler Incorporated:  The Best Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine in an Industrial Setting

While our competition can boast about being the best, we actually have evidence to back it up.  We have been featured in over 120 trade publications spanning the globe.  We take pride in being the world’s best portable industrial carpet extractor manufacturers.  With our factories in the United States, we have serviced a various gamut of industries, from the US military to local warehouses.  Globally, we have shipped our amazing products to over 240 countries, including Canada and Mexico.

Is cost one of your concerns?  Fear not, all of our models have deep discounts (averaging 30%) on portable industrial carpet extractors.  


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