January 27, 2015

Powerful Industrial Carpet Extractors

Industrial Carpet ExtractorsIf you are looking on purchasing a powerful industrial carpet extractor go no further. We have a range of powerful carpet cleaning machines that serve both residential and commercial settings. With a reasonable budget you can easily purchase one of the Xtreme power models. Our range of cleaning equipment is the most powerful and portable with an easy to use handle. Designed to clean out even the most stubborn stains they have exceptional pressures for built in dirt. The suction power is equivalent to 3 motors, works to give you results.

Why you should buy the industrial carpet extractors

The xtreme power models have high capacity water chamber. The hose length is extra long giving you enough moving power to clean large rooms. It has inline heating technology using the fastest heating technology with low flow leaving your carpet to dry in just 2 hours. The automatic built in filling and emptying of water is a time saving feature that lets you mange the inflow of water. Our industrial carpet extractor is operated in a self contained mode making it easy to use for home and commercial settings. Easy use is key – we want all of our customers to put more time into their next project rather than spending time working on cleaning carpet areas, of their home or office.

It is a portable cleaning machine that can easily be moved from one point to the next. Made from steel, this powerful machine is one of a kind cleaning equipment saving you energy and water. The Xtreme power model is built in with powerful motors easily suctioning dirt deeper the carpet. You will not believe the amount of grime and dirt build up that lurks deep within any type of carpet. Our models are economic and environmentally friendly using Eco-green carpet care solutions that leave your floors clean. It is a portable industrial carpet extractor like no other in the industry and functions with minimal energy in bigger spaces. It seems the larger spaces give the most trouble when trying to get any type of carpet clean.

The temperature and pressure levels of advanced industrial carpet extractors are able to remove dirt build up from the carpets. Our portable industrial carpet extractors create temperatures with exclusive adjustable temperature control technology allowing you to adjust the temperatures. With outstanding pressure levels the portable Xtreme power models range from 220 psi to outstanding 500 psi.  

Where to find your next industrial carpet extractors

There are two types of these carpet cleaners, the walk behind and the hose. The walk behind carpet cleaner is a easy to use giving you room to clean each and every corner. The suction hose on the hose length portable industrial carpet extractor has high temperature and pressure levels. We have a collection of the best portable carpet cleaning machine industrial carpet make it the best brand to purchase. We have industrial carpet extractor for sale at discounted rates making them the most sorted in the market. Our advanced technology used to build on the power models make it the best kind of portable industrial carpet extractors.

You can use search engines to search for the best industrial carpet extractor in the market. Budget friendly and easy to use our power models are made to perfection to fit your cleaning needs. Our Xtreme power models commercial carpet extractors helps remove the toughest dirt build up. Our models come with the eco friendly carpet care liquid improves the indoor air quality and gets rid of germs causing allergies. With our carpet care solutions carpets stay cleaner for longer with no residue left behind.

With our hi-technology models you not only save time but energy too. Our models are designed for easy use in any work setting. You can easily choose which machine works well either for your home or office space. Professional cleaning services use our portable industrial carpet extractors for their everyday cleaning in offices and industrial spaces. We understand the need to have reliable machines that work saving half the working time.

What to expect from our industrial carpet extractors

With our collection of Xtreme power models you should expect your carpets dry within 2 hours. In the past carpet drying took a little over a day and with our models you save time. Using soapy detergents to remove build up dirt can leave your office murky aired but with our models expect high quality air. Our models are designed to suction through your carpet lifting the dirt on to the top of the carpet leaving it spotless from underneath. With a high capacity water carrier the Xtreme models save you time with the auto refill.

Powerful industrial carpet cleaners that is easy to handle and use. We highly recommend all our products to our customers, high technology and made from steel this models are the best cleaners in the industry. Get your next model and enjoy the benefits of using high end technology to clean your carpets. You can get industrial carpet extractors for lease for your day’s worth of cleaning from trusted distributors around the globe. At daimer we have the best industrial carpet extractors with our Xtreme models named number one globally and locally. 


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