November 23, 2015

RV Carpet Cleaning Machines

125837041_xlIf you have a recreational vehicle then you will at some point have to make sure it is properly cleaned. You will be taking it on road trips, treating it as a second home, and overall, enjoying yourself in it. The big question you might have however is why you need specialized equipment to keep your RV in good shape. Well, as we said previously, the recreational vehicle will serve as a second home, and when you are treating it as your home, you are obviously going to spend far more time inside it than you might have spent in any other vehicle.

For this reason it needs to be properly cleaned, disinfected, and overall, an environment that you would in fact want to spend time in. That being said, you need to make sure that the RV is bacteria free, aesthetically pleasing, and you must also ensure that there are no strange smells, so to speak. This can be a bit of a tall order, but you have most likely already figured that out. Fortunately, there are tools on the market, particularly those from Daimer that can help you to keep your RV clean and ready to roll out at a moment’s notice.

Cleaning Equipment for your RV

There are several different types of equipment you might consider using, and you are probably considering using a vacuum or even a pressure washer. Fortunately you don’t have to go the residential route when you can go the industrial route. Obviously there are several different benefits to using industrial cleaners rather than residential ones, the main one being the speed at which you can perform the cleaning. Secondly, the cleaning will be far more efficient, making it a more than worthy investment. The first, and most obvious concern that you are going to be dealing with when it comes to your RV is the carpet. Unsanitary carpet can be detrimental to your health, which we will address in the next section.

Understanding the Dangers of Carpet

Recreational vehicles have carpet, it’s a fact of life. Keeping that carpet clean is absolutely essential so as to prevent illness in your small living space. Something you need to understand is that carpet is a magnet for dirt, dust, and grime. Unfortunately, dirt is an adhesive, and that means it will stick to carpet like glue. You can try to vacuum, but no matter how hard you try, you will still leave behind remnants, and ultimately it will breed bacteria which will end up in the air.

It’s not a situation that you want to deal with, especially if you are inside the RV for extended periods of time. You don’t want to catch the flu or some other illness on your family trip to the grand canyon, and this is precisely why you need to make sure every aspect of your RV is taken care of.

Keeping it Clean

We touched on cleaning equipment for the RV earlier, but what does it all mean exactly? There are two things you need to worry about: The Interior and the exterior. We will say that cleaning the exterior of your recreational vehicle is going to be considerably easier than tackling the interior for a few different reasons. First of all, you can use a pressure washer to spray down you exterior. This includes the siding, tires, bumper, cab, and even the roof in some cases. If need be, you can also use it to spray down the undercarriage to ensure it is free of mud.

When it comes to the interior you will want to utilize and industrial vacuum/steam cleaner combo to make sure it is properly sanitized and ready to remain on the road for hours at a time. Remember, the RV is an expensive piece of equipment, and as such, it is important for you to make sure you’re using the best possible cleaning implements. In addition to that the health of your family is always going to be of the utmost importance.

All in all, it will be well worth the expense of an industrial level RV cleaner whether you are cleaning an RV for your family, or running a cleaning service intent on getting the job done for others. If you’re ready to take your cleaning game to the next level then take a look at what we have to offer. It won’t be long befre your RV is riding in style once again.


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