September 30, 2014

Upholstery Cleaning Machines Capable of the Essential Balance between Power and Delicacy

At Daimer Industries, we are committed to finding a solution for any commercial or industrial need. Some of these solutions are more straight forward, requiring raw power or significant amounts of heat. We have manufactured such products, designed to take on some of the toughest grease and oil stains created by heavy manufacturing industries and other industrial operations. But there is also another side to our work that requires us to craft solutions with unique balances of power and delicacy—the need to efficiently remove stains and deposits without causing damage to the surfaces beneath them.

Nowhere is this balance more precarious than with car detailing and general upholstery cleaning. Often, these surfaces endure challenging stains and deposits, but any cleaning solution must be careful not to damage fabrics. Designing such solutions has been a welcome challenge to our company over the years, and one we've met head-on. We are proud to say that our extensive research and testing has allowed us to pass on products to the consumer that are safe, durable and reliable.

To do so, we have drawn on years of work in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry, taking our best ideas from any device and grafting those onto others. Our dedication to using top-quality parts is another part of the equation. It is one of many things we do that we believe sets our company and our products apart from the competition. Our customers around the world seem to agree.

Our Line of Products: Find the Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine for Your Business

If you operate a car detailing business, you are not always in control of the cleaning challenges you face. Your customers come to you with a stain or deposit and simply want it gone. To make sure you are able to keep your customers happy, you have to remove the deposit and avoid damaging any element in their car, no small task. Our best upholstery cleaning machine is the one that meets the specific demands of your business. It is one of the many reasons we offer four models, so that you have the power to find what works for you.

All four of our models are part of our XTreme Power series. The XTreme Power XPC-5750U is a 50 hertz model that can tackle a wide variety of car detailing and upholstery cleaning needs. It is especially useful when you do not need the added cleaning power of heat to remove stains. It has a pressure level of 8.2 bar and a potent two stage vacuum motor. Even without heat, this still provides exceptional stain-lifting capacity. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for reaching interior surfaces in vehicles like foot wells and floor mats. The XPC-5850TU, recently upgraded, has similar overall features to the XPC-5750 but adds heat for added cleaning capability. It has a pressure level of 11.7 bar and can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. A four-inch wand is ideal for reaching corners and cleaning larger spaces efficiently.

For tougher cleaning tasks, we recommend the XTreme Power XPH-5950IU, which features pressure of 11.7 bar and temperatures of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit can reach those temperatures in just five minutes. Our low-flow technology means that surfaces dry in just two hours. Our most powerful model is the XPH-9350U, which has the same temperature capacity as the 5950IU but adds extraordinary pressure of 15.2 bar. Larger solution and recovery tanks allow for extensive cleaning before needing to drain and refill. Upholstery drying times can be as little as one hour. The 50 hertz unit is intended for international users, not U.S. or Canadian businesses needing a 60 hertz model.

Buy Your Equipment from a Brand You Trust

When you began your search for upholstery cleaning machines, what was most important to you? Size? Mobility? Power? Daimer Industries focuses on giving our customers all the choices they need from a brand they can trust. We are the worldwide leader in commercial and industrial cleaning solutions and it shows through the quality and expanse of our product line, as well as the valuable services of our people. We encourage potential customers to get in touch with our staff, who can help you navigate the various features of each device so that you're able to find the best fit for your business. And when our staff provides advice, you can believe that it's honest and straight forward information; sales staff do not receive a commission based on the model of product sold to the consumer. It's how we ensure that we provide our customers with only the model they need, not the model that pads our bottom line.

We're accustomed to working on small margins, and we have no problem sharing that information with our customers. That's because our decision to operate with narrow profit margins enhances our ability to create great products and pass along value to our consumers. Our business grows only when we gain more satisfied customers, not when we're able to convince a client to buy a product they don't need, or when we replace high-quality parts with a cheaper variety.

We make sure our business practices are open so that you can trust our advice and our quality products. The trust that starts at the purchase will continue for years as you put our high-quality machines to work for you.


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