December 22, 2014

Use Top Rated Commercial Carpet Cleaners to Eliminate Any Size Mess

Commercial Carpet CleanerCarpet cleaners are a necessary tool to have around. These are extremely important as a business owner or someone who is in charge of keeping high traffic area flooring looking like new. Throughout the day, you can have hundreds of people walk through your building. With people comes dirt, grime, and dander. It does not take long for the once nice carpeting to look like it was installed many years ago. Buying new carpet every time it the old flooring looks dirty is an expensive way to keep a room looking nice. Hiring a professional company to come in and clean the floors can also be costly and an inconvenience.  Someone has to be there to let them in, and people cannot be walking around on the wet surface. If your own commercial carpet cleaners, you can do the carpets when you want and with a machine that has already been paid for.

Find a Commercial Carpet Cleaner for Sale

There are countless manufacturers of commercial carpet cleaners. You can find commercial carpet cleaners for sale in stores, on the internet, even in newspapers. The only way to know that you are getting quality though is by finding a seller that is reputable. When spending money for your business or out of your own pocket, you do not want to end up with a machine that does not work. If that happens, you will find yourself right back where you started. Daimer Industrial offers the world’s number one brand of commercial carpet cleaners. With the exportation to over 240 different countries including Canada and Mexico, we have earned the position we have in the industry. Our products have also been featured in more than 120 trade publications across the globe. We use only the highest quality materials in order to produce the most versatile, powerful, and reliable machine on the market.

When buying a commercial carpet cleaner, you need to know what the unit is capable of doing. Reviewing the commercial carpet cleaner for sale that you are interested in on our website, you can compare everything including power, operating temperature, accessories, optional features, price, and more. All of the devices come with long hoses and patented wands to allow for the deepest, longest-lasting clean. You may find our products for sale somewhere else, but buying direct from us will keep more money in your pocket.

Buy the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Knowing what the best commercial carpet cleaner is will be specific to your individual situation. There are many diverse types that perform different tasks. The machines can come in portable models, with low or high temperatures, and with a plethora of attachments available. What machine works well for on one task at your property may not be able to handle the size of cleaning necessary at another. All of our units are powerful, and we want you to get one that will not cause you to have to exert any more personal strength than necessary.

 As a small business or homeowner, you probably transport equipment back and forth from home to work or throughout different areas of your residence. When you want to get multiple uses from one machine, the Xtreme Power XPC-5700 has the features you will benefit from. It is commanding with 120 PSI and one powerful, two-stage motor. This unit heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You will get your work done effortlessly with the 12 inch patented wand. Take advantage of the convenience this model offers and the free eco-friendly cleaner that is included. If you want to be able to move easily from room to room or location to location, a model like this can complete the task without difficulty.

For extremely deep stains, the Xtreme Power XPH-6400I offers a high-capacity system holding up to 10 gallons of solution and 10 gallons of collected dirt and grime. With the 210 degree Fahrenheit temperature and 120 PSI power, this equipment is perfect for both high-traffic commercial sites and even industrial properties. Along with the cleaning wand, there are additional upholstery tool accessories available. These can be used to clean small areas, as well as furniture and rugs. When purchasing this item, be sure to watch out or for and ask about our frequent special deals and promotional offers. You can save on accessories, cleaning solution, and more.

Some of the most common carpet cleaning systems that you see are the walk behind units. This allows the user to simply direct the equipment around the facility without struggling with hoses or pulling around a unit. We have these both in heated and non-heated forms. The tanks will hold up to 15 gallons of solution in order to cover more area without having to return to dump out the dirty water. This permits for what could be money-saving time spent. After a few uses, your machine will start to pay for itself. It is an investment that every business owner should consider. For the non-heated Xtreme Power SPC-12000 additional 10 and 12 inch wands are available for purchase. Remember the importance of using eco-friendly chemicals and discover what our company solutions have to offer with our free two gallon container that is also included with both machines.


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