May 12, 2016

What Should Be Included in your Carpet Cleaning Equipment Package?

Carpet cleaning is a serious business, and no one knows it better than we do here at Daimer Industries. We are the industry leader in steam cleaning technology and are constantly putting our customers first. We believe in high quality products that do the work for you. Why should you have to struggle with deep cleaning your carpet?

Why Do You Need Certain Pieces of Equipment for Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning MachinesPeople often assume carpet cleaning usually involves a steam cleaner, some sort of cleaner, and the time to actually do the job itself. While this answer is not wrong, it’s certainly over simplified. While here at Daimer Industries we have a variety of carpet cleaners, we also have several cleaning machines that can do multiple jobs at once.

The right carpet cleaning equipment can give your carpet a nice, deep clean without ruining it after the job is done. The right attachment can actually use the steam cleaner to clean upholstery for you. This makes your machine more versatile and gets you more bang for your buck too.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Need with it Comes to Carpet Cleaning?

There is a lot involved with carpet cleaning equipment people may not know about. The equipment can vary from machine to machine, but there is a list of basics you should always have on hand. Below we’ve listed the basic equipment you should always have depending on how you plan on using your steam cleaning machine.

Carpet Cleaner – You need to have the right type of cleaner for your carpet. There are all natural recipes for carpet cleaners like using lemon and vinegar mixed in with warm water to help clean your carpet out. We do offer an eco-friendly carpet cleaner here at Daimer Industries for our customers to choose from. The right kind of carpet cleaner should cleanse your carpet fibers and leave them pristine afterwards. You may also prefer a stronger cleaner if you need to lift out tough stains or eliminate bad smells.

Attachments – Remember we said attachments for your carpet cleaning equipment are important? The right attachment can help to clean your upholstery to leave it nice and shining. The attachments you buy for your carpet cleaner also depends on what modes the cleaning machine has for cleaning upholstery too. You may want to double check your steam cleaning machine just to be sure it has a mode for cleaning upholstery.

Filter – There is a lot of nasty stuff that can get into your carpet given enough time. Filtering it while you clean are very important since you don’t want to gum up your steam cleaner with gunk. When you don’t replace the filter on your cleaning machine after a while, your machine can work less efficiently. This causes it to work harder to suck up the water and may cause it to break down. You should always invest in a spare filter after you buy your steam cleaning machine. This way you’re ready to replace the old filter at a moment’s notice.

Why is Steam Cleaning the Preferred Method for Cleaning Applications?

We are often asked why steam cleaning is the preferred method for more and more cleaning applications. The truth is, water is just that powerful. One rule of thumb we have in the industry is that the hotter the water, the deeper the clean. Hot steam breaks down dirt and debris in your carpet on the molecular level. The steam forces this dirt and debris to the surface to be sucked up. The carpet fibers are left cleansed afterwards and simply need to dry.

Steam has been used for a variety of other applications too. We have cleaning machines that are great for cleaning grout since the hot steam is able to get into the pores. The steam cleans out the microscopic pores in the grout and the water left afterwards can be dried up with a cloth.

Steam is also just plain water, and this makes it the safest cleaning option available. There is no need for harsh chemicals when cleaning a building or residence. The steam does all the work without the need for harsh scrubbing or chemicals to cleanse the carpet fibers. The only thing you really have to do is to give your carpet the proper time to dry before walking over it again. Here at Daimer Industries, we believe in providing top notch products at an affordable price.


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