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230V, single phase, 50Hz$5,991.00 1-800-471-7157

The powerful XTreme Power® XPC-12050 walk behind, non-heated, 50 Hz box carpet extractor easily cleans large stretches of carpet with its 50.1 cm cleaning path and pressure levels of 15.2 bar. Featuring low flow technology, carpets dry in as little as one hour. Large solution and recovery tanks enable the user to continue working without frequent breaks to refill tanks. This machine is recommended for frequent, complete cleaning in places such as hotels, theaters, and office buildings with large carpeted areas.

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+++To effectively clean carpets using Daimer's carpet cleaning machines,
carpets must be "pre-sprayed" with carpet cleaning solution!

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaners

The XTreme Power® XPC-12050 is a walk behind, box carpet extractor ideal for cleaning large stretches of carpets. Featuring a 50.1 cm cleaning path, pressure levels of 15.2 bar, and up to 98.9°C inlet temperature, this machine easily lifts of stains from industrial and commercial carpets. With Daimer's low flow technology, carpets can be used again in as little as one hour. Two large 56.8 liter solution and recovery tanks eliminate the need for frequent breaks to refill water. The 2 powerful 2 stage motors make this 50 Hz machine ideal for places such as casinos, hotels, office buildings, and other commercial and industrial facilities.

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 year limited warranty
Pump Pressure15.2 bar
Tempsupports up to 60ºC inlet temp.
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size56.8 L
Recovery Tank Size56.8 L
Heating ElementsN/A
Heating TimeN/A
Drying Timeapproximately 1 hour
Water Lift (max)381 cm
Air Flow (max)52 LPS
Vacuum Motor2 powerful two stage motors
Wand IncludedN/A - Built in 50.1 cm cleaning path
Upholstery Wandoptional
Optional Wands25.4 cm or 30.5 cm wand
Solution Hoseoptional 7.6 m or 15.2 m combination solution/vac hose
Vacuum Hoseoptional 7.6 m or 15.2 m' combination solution/vac hose
Alternative PumpsN/A
Power Cords1
Dimensions76.2 cm L x 53.3 cm W x 96.5 cm H
Weight59 kg
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List

Optional Equipment

Optional 25.4 cm Single Jet Wand with Grip Handle (30.5 cm wand also available)
Optional 7.6 m or 15.2 m Combination Solution/Vac Hose



Carpet Wash Systems for Casino Maintenance

The most popular casinos generally experience a high flow of customers who spend a lot of time and money to try their luck at various casino games. To make the casino seem impressive and welcoming, the carpeted areas must be spotlessly clean and nice-smelling. After all, the best-kept casinos tend to attract more customers. To maintain vast carpeted areas in casinos, it is best to ignore traditional techniques and instead choose industrial carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners.

Commercial carpet cleaners offer superior results in dissolving and extracting dirt, stains, and dust from carpeted surfaces. While vacuum cleaners only help extract loose and particulate matter, heated versions of carpet extractors utilize the power of heat to dissolve tough dirt build-up and stains from carpets. The hot moisture ejected by carpet cleaners penetrates down to the base of the carpets and eliminates every bit of dirt trapped on the base and between the carpet fibers.

The XTreme Power® XPC-12050, available from Daimer®, is one of the best carpet cleaners available for commercial applications. Such box-type, walk-behind carpet cleaning machines, that feature pressure levels of 15.2 bar and inlet temperatures of 98.9°C, have been specifically designed to help maintain vast carpeted areas like the ones found in casinos. Due to the low flow technology of these carpet cleaning machines, the carpets will be clean, dry, and ready for use in as little as one hour.

The 50Hz industrial carpet cleaner equipped with two powerful two-stage motors is the right choice for large areas, such as casinos and hotels. For the best cleaning results, maintenance professionals recommend spraying carpets with cleaning solutions prior to using the industrial carpet cleaner.

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