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New Upgraded Model


  • The XTreme Power® XPH-5850TU includes similar features as the 5750U, but adds the power of heat to more readily and quickly remove tough stains.
  • With a robust pressure level of 11.7 bar and temperature levels reaching 65.6°C, this machine is ideal for commercial upholstery cleaning applications
  • Perfect for professional cleaning contractors, hotels, restaurants, and auto detailing shops.
  • Included with this model is a 10.2 cm upholstery wand for cleaning seat cushions, vehicles, and more.





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Clean up to 2000 sq. ft. radius with the Upgraded 25' hose without moving the machine!



The XTreme Power® XPH-5850TU boasts powerful 11.7 bar pressure and is a commercial upholstery cleaner suitable for interior auto detailing and thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture and surfaces.

This machine includes similar features as the XPC-5750TU, but adds the power of heat for cleaning stains that are more challenging. In 15 minutes, water temperature reach 65.6°C. The addition of heat also reduces carpet drying times to 4 hours, with upholstery drying times remaining at a minimal one hour. In addition, the XPH-5850TU features an upholstery wand, suitable for cleaning vehicles, upholstery, and other areas. This 50 Hz machine features a powerful 2 stage vacuum.


Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 years limited warranty
Pump Pressure11.7 bar
Tempup to 65.6ºC
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size17 L
Recovery Tank Size15.1 L
Heating Elements1 tank heating element
Heating Timeup to 15 minutes
Drying Timeapproximately 4 hours
Water Lift (max)254 cm
Air Flow (max)47 LPS
Vacuum Motor1 powerful 2 stage motor
Wand Included10.2 cm Single Jet Upholstery Wand
Upholstery Wandavail.
Optional Wands30.5 cm single jet, molded poly-carpet cleaner wand
Solution Hose7.6 m
Vacuum Hose7.6 m
Alternative PumpsN/A
Power Cords1
Required Circuit(s) Amps20
Dimensions35.6 cm L x 58.4 cm W x 61 cm H
Weight26.8 kg
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List




Standard Parts / Quantity

10.2 cm Single Jet Upholstery Wand
7.6 m Vacuum Hose (A FREE 3 m UPGRADE!) (not shown)
7.6 m Solution Hose (A FREE 3 m UPGRADE!) (not shown)



How To Find The Best Portable Carpet Cleaner?

A portable carpet cleaner can clean almost all kinds of soft surfaces, ranging from mats and carpets to seat upholstery. It is not a high-powered machine used for cleaning hard surfaces.

However, being mildly-powered does not make the task of buying portable carpet cleaners any easier. You have to check many aspects before choosing the best machine.

Steps to find the best portable carpet cleaner are as follows:

Cleaning Power

As already stated, carpet cleaners are not high-powered machines. Its cleaning power stems from output pressure and output temperature.

XTreme Power® XPH-5850TU is a popular carpet cleaning system from Daimer®. It is used to carry out a variety of cleaning tasks, ranging from commercial carpet cleaning to auto detailing. It offers an output temperature of up to 65.6ºC and a pump pressure of 11.7 bar.

Cleaning Reach

All buyers expect mobile carpet cleaners to have a wide cleaning range. Some of the carpet cleaning machines cover a large area just with the use of a long hose. For instance, the XTreme Power® XPH-5850TU model is equipped with a 25 feet hose, which makes it possible to clean areas in the range of over 2000 square feet, without even moving the machine much.


Make sure the machines should have the right accessories. The XPH-5850TU model is equipped with an upholstery wand, as such machines are predominantly upholstery cleaners. For cleaning jobs like auto detailing, it is better to use the 4 inch car fabric upholstery and carpeting tool too.

So, check out all the functions and accessories while buying carpet cleaning machines.

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