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New Upgraded Model for

More Powerful Cleaning


  • The XTreme Power® XPH-5950IU upholstery cleaning system features powerful 11.7 bar as well as higher temperature levels and faster heating and drying times than the XPH-5850TU.
  • Two powerful inline heating elements allow this machine to reach temperatures up to 98.9°C in just 5 minutes.
  • Equipped with special low flow technology, carpets dry in as little as 2 hours.
  • This machine is ideal for users in countries with 50 Hz power requirements who require extra cleaning power along with quicker drying times.




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Clean up to 2000 sq. ft. radius with the Upgraded 25' hose without moving the machine!


The XTreme Power® 5950IU is a commercial upholstery cleaner ideal for upholstery cleaning and auto detailing applications in countries with 50 Hz power requirements. Included is a specialized upholstery tool designed to access hard to reach spaces that are characteristic of automotive interiors and different types of furniture.

Featured with this 50 Hz machine is a strong pressure level of 11.7 bar, air flow of 47 LPS, and water column lift of 254 cm enabling powerful softening and extraction of stubborn stains and deposits. Adjustable temperature controls allows the user to utilize high hot water temperatures up to 98.9°C for powerful cleaning or cold water for more delicate surfaces. The XTreme Power® 5950IU is ideal for operators requiring fast heating and quick drying times. After all, this machine reaches full operating temperature in only 5 minutes. Included low flow technology leaves carpets to dry in only 2 hours and upholstery to dry in only one!

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 year limited warranty
Pump Pressure11.7 bar
Tempup to 98.9°C
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size17 L
Recovery Tank Size15.1 L
Heating Elements2 powerful inline heating elements
Heating Timeup to 5 minutes
Drying Timecarpets - approximately 2 hours; upholstery - up to 1 hour
Water Lift (max)254 cm
Air Flow (max)47 LPS
Vacuum Motor1 powerful 2 stage motor
Wand Included10.2 cm single jet upholstery wand
Upholstery Wandincluded
Optional Wands30.5 cm single jet, molded poly carpet cleaner wand
Solution Hose7.6 m
Vacuum Hose7.6 m
Alternative PumpsN/A
Power Cords1
Required Circuit(s) Amps20
Dimensions35.6 cm L x 58.4 cm W x 61 cm H
Weight26.8 kg
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List



Standard Parts / Quantity

10.2 cm Single Jet Upholstery Wand
7.6 m Vacuum Hose (not shown)
7.6 m Solution Hose (not shown)




I bought the Daimer XPC-5950IU car cleaner one year ago because I wanted a way to save time on my company offering auto detailing services. I even use it for my house using the wand I bought from Daimer.

I really like the machine.

Maike F,
Stuttgart, Germany

How to Find the Best Carpet Wash System for Auto Detailing?

Many suppliers claim to offer the best carpet cleaners, both on and off the Internet. How can you find the best carpet cleaner from the lot?

Finding the Best Machine

Carpet cleaners are used in auto detailing for cleaning the interior parts, such as mats, carpets, and seat upholstery, which are soft surfaces.

Carpet cleaners, in general, are designed to clean mats and carpets, however, upholstery surfaces are harder and offer different kinds of challenges to normal carpet cleaning machines.

Best Upholstery Cleaners

For auto detailing, you must buy a machine that is designed for upholstery cleaning too. These machines have many specialties, the most notable of which is a specialized upholstery tool that makes upholstery cleaning faster and more effective.

Some of the modern commercial upholstery cleaners have a number of features that make them suitable for cleaning fabric seats and carpeting within a vehicle. XTreme Power® 5950IU from Daimer® is one of the best machines.

XTreme Power® 5950IU's Features

The machine contains a specialized upholstery tool that can clean even hard upholstery surfaces and reach the nooks and crannies of seat upholstery.

It has twin heating elements, which ensure that the machine reaches the maximum output temperature of up to 98.9°C within five minutes. The machine is also equipped with the low-flow technology, meaning the cleaned surfaces will dry completely within a couple of hours. The air flow of 47 lps and water column lift of 254 cm offered by this best carpet cleaner allows powerful softening and extraction of most stubborn deposits.

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