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220-240V, single phase, 50Hz$3,425.00 1-800-471-7157

The XTreme Power® XPH-9350U is Daimer's most powerful upholstery cleaning machine for operators with 50 Hz power requirements. Featuring a pressure level of 15.2 bar and temperature levels of 98.9°C, this machine is useful for the most challenging auto detailing projects and upholstery cleaning applications. This machine also features large solution and recovery tanks for prolonged cleaning. Special low flow technology is also included to reduce drying times without limiting cleaning power. Drying times for carpet are only 2 hours, with drying times for upholstery as low as one.

► Note: This model is designed for foreign countries using 50 Hz power. The 9350U is NOT for the USA, Canada, and other countries using 60 Hz power.

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The XTreme Power® XPH-9350U is Daimer®'s most powerful 50 Hz upholstery cleaning machine with pressure levels of 15.2 bar. Robust inline heating elements enable quick heating to maximum hot water temperatures of 98.9°C for enhanced cleaning power.

A 64.4 liter solution tank and 56.8 liter recovery tank afford users with prolonged cleaning capabilities, enabling operators to clean for longer periods of time between refills. Special low flow technology leaves carpets dry in approximately 2 hours and upholstery to dry in only one hour.

This 50Hz machine comes with a special wand that makes cleaning upholstery, automotive seats, foot wells, and even headliners much easier.

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 years limited warranty
Pump Pressure15.2 bar
Tempup to 98.9°C
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size64.4 L
Recovery Tank Size56.8 L
Heating Elements2 powerful inline heating elements
Heating Time3-5 minutes
Drying Timecarpets - approximately 2 hours; upholstery - up to 1 hour
Water Lift (max)381 cm
Air Flow (max)94 LPS
Vacuum Motor2 powerful 2 stage motors
Wand Included10.2 cm single jet upholstery wand
Upholstery Wandincluded
Optional Wandscarpet, stair
Solution Hose7.6 m
Vacuum Hose7.6 m
Alternative Pumps250, 300
Power Cords1
Dimensions53.3 cm L x 96.5 cm W x 76.2 cm H
Weight249.5 kg
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List



Standard Parts / Quantity

10.2 cm Single Jet Upholstery Wand
7.6 m Solution Hose (not shown)
7.6 m Vacuum Hose (not shown)



A Powerful Industrial Carpet Cleaner to Tackle Tough Upholstery Stains in a Snap!

When it comes to auto detailing, some interiors are so dirty that it seems like only an industrial carpet cleaner could get it clean! Hardened deposits, old and sticky stain, and ground-in mud can make it seem like industrial carpet cleaners are the only solution. But there are car detailing units which are specifically designed to tackle tough upholstery and carpet stains. The XTreme Power® XPH-9350U from Daimer® is not just an effective upholstery cleaning machine, it's also effective in cleaning carpets. These upholstery cleaners are Daimer®'s most powerful 50 Hz units, packing a formidable cleaning punch with pressure levels of 15.2 bar. This makes them the ideal carpet cleaner for tackling tough stains and deposits that may even be ground deep into the material. With this kind of vehicle detailing unit, there is no need to use an industrial carpet cleaner!

Rooting out the Dirt

The XTreme Power® XPH-9350U comes equipped with two powerful inline heating elements, which go a long way in softening up the most stubborn deposits. Even old and hardened stains can be removed with relative ease with these upholstery cleaners. This makes them the perfect carpet cleaner for auto detailing as they can root out the most difficult kinds of debris and residues from vehicle interiors. These carpet cleaners also come equipped with a special low-flow technology which means that the unit uses less water for cleaning. These car detailing machines rely more on extraction powers for in-depth cleaning.

This makes them the perfect unit for auto detailing as they ensure that the carpets dry in about two hours and the upholstery can dry out in about an hour. There is no need to wait endlessly for the interiors to dry out thoroughly. With this kind of powerful cleaning abilities and fast drying times, industrial carpet cleaners can be very useful products! XTreme Power® XPH-9350U carpet cleaners can tackle and tame even the dirtiest of vehicle interiors.

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