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carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machines

The XTreme Power® XPH-9655 offers the highest pressure levels and extraction power in the XTreme Power® line of 50 Hz carpet extractors, with pressure levels of 34.5 bar. In comparison to the XPH-9605, the XPH-9655 features higher air flow but less suction, ideal for low-pile carpeting found in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and other commercial and industrial facilities. To enable continuous cleaning over expansive areas, a large solution tank and recovery tank are included. Two powerful inline heating elements can heat water temperatures to 98.9°C in 5 minutes to maximize cleaning efficiency. Daimer's low flow technology allows operators to quickly clean carpets, leaving them to dry in only 2 hours for vastly enhanced productivity.

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carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machines

The XTreme Power® XPH-9655 is one of Daimer®'s most powerful 50 Hz carpet cleaners, boasting robust extraction capabilities and pressure levels reaching 34.5 bar.

  • This 50 Hz machine features a higher airflow and less suction than the XPH-9605 model providing the ideal specifications for cleaning low-pile carpeting found in a variety of commercial and industrial establishments. 
  • A large capacity 64.4 liter solution tank and 56.8 liter recovery tank enable this machine to continue use over large areas.
  • Included with this model are the auto dump and auto fill features.
  • Low flow technology allows carpets to dry in 2 hours  


This robust, versatile carpet cleaner machine system is versatile for other cleaning tasks:

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Machine. Upholstery Wand Optional.


carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning equipment   carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaning equipment 

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 year limited warranty
Pump Pressurecan be dialed from 0 to 34.5 bar with pressure gauge
Tempup to 98.9°C
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size64.4 L
Recovery Tank Size56.8 L
Heating Elements2 powerful inline heating elements
Heating Timeup to 5 minutes
Drying Timeapproximately 2 hours
Water Lift (max)533 cm
Air Flow (max)94 LPS
Vacuum Motor2 powerful 3 stage motors
Wand Included30.5 cm patented adjustable carpet cleaner wand
Upholstery Wandavailable
Optional Wandsupholstery, stair
Solution Hose30.5 m total - can also be split into 7.6 m, 15.2 m, and 22.9 m hoses for smaller areas
Vacuum Hose30.5 m total - can also be split into 7.6 m, 15.2 m, and 22.9 m hoses for smaller areas
Alternative PumpsN/A
Power Cords2
Dimensions96.5 cm L x 55.9 cm W x 76.2 cm H
Weight68 kg
Auto FillYes
Auto DumpYes

Parts List


Standard Parts / Quantity

NEW 12" Patented, Rugged, Adjustable Carpet Wand for 60% Greater Extraction
100' Vacuum Hose (not shown)
100' Solution Hose (not shown)




Carpet Cleaner Systems for Efficient Restaurant Maintenance

The maintenance staff in restaurants has a tough time trying to keep their carpeted areas clean and fresh-smelling. In addition to the dirt and dust associated with high traffic, restaurants also have to tackle dried food, beverage spills, splattered sauces, smudged chocolate, and other stubborn deposits on carpets. Vacuuming is not of much use in eliminating these deposits. So, it is advisable to switch to industrial carpet cleaners.

To keep the carpeted areas in restaurants clean and fresh, it is necessary to effectively eliminate food deposits from carpeted areas. This is also important to prevent foul odors from carpets. Heated versions of commercial carpet cleaners help you accomplish all this and much more. The hot moisture ejected by carpet extractors helps dissolve tough stains of food and beverage from carpets. Moreover, the extraction function of the carpet cleaners ensures complete elimination of the dissolved deposits.

If you are on the lookout for powerful carpet cleaning machines for use in restaurants, the XTreme Power® XPH-9655 from Daimer® will be an ideal choice. This 50 Hz carpet extractor features a pressure level of 34.5 bar and superior extraction capabilities. These carpet cleaning machines are especially great for maintaining the low-pile carpeting, widely found in restaurants.

To guarantee long hours of continuous use, the XTreme Power® XPH-9655 comes with a huge solution tank of 64.4 liters and a recovery tank of 56.8 liters. Auto-fill and auto-dump are critical features for the ultimate in productivity maximization, resulting in the automated filling of clean water as well as the emptying of dirty water.

Daimer carpet cleaners also offer you the benefits of upholstery cleaners, due to the optional upholstery wands available with the machines. The low-flow technology of the carpet extractor machines, such as XTreme Power® XPH-9655, allows the carpets to dry in just two hours.

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