Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Green Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Daimer's XTreme Power® home, commercial, and industrial carpet cleaning equipment helps virtually anyone who is seeking to clean carpeting and carpet stains that create unsightly and embarrassing spots and carpet areas. Our carpet cleaning equipment technology, machines, and environmentally safe and Eco-Green ® carpet cleaning chemical effectively remove some of the most stubborn soils and spots from your carpet, and even better than professional carpet cleaning equipment used by professional carpet cleaning service companies. In fact, our advanced carpet cleaning equipment and solutions will effectively remove soil from the base of the carpet fibers where dirt and other substances tend to buildup and remain.

Cleaning Carpet Stains using Low Moisture and No Soap

Daimer's professional carpet cleaning machines and cleaning chemical solutions are absolutely outstanding when comes to targeting and cleaning high-traffic public areas! Most often the main problem with dirty carpet and carpet stains in public areas is the fact those who perform the carpet cleaning whether in-house staff or professional carpet cleaners called in to clean, is the amount of water flow, the type of carpet cleaning chemicals, among other factors.

The bottom line is carpet shampoo should never be be placed into the home, industrial, or commercial carpet cleaning equipment, or pre-sprayed onto the carpet surface. Unfortunately, traditional soaps for cleaning carpet stains remain in the carpet and attracted dirt and other substances to the carpet, which will tend to get dirty rather quickly. Think of the soap and carpet cleaning chemical embedded within the carpet as a carpet stain and dirt magnet.

The solution is to use carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos containing absolutely no soap that would attract dirt, grease, oil, and others quickly. We offer commercial carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning equipment and portable carpet cleaning extractors for sale that can do the job correctly the very first time. Carpet cleaning in public areas is far easier and the maintenance simpler if you use the right carpet cleaners and eco-friendly chemicals that will not accumulate in carpet.

Daimer's low moisture, steam cleaning - commercial carpet cleaning equipment in conjunction with our green carpet cleaning chemicals and shampoos will offer the best carpet cleaning stain removal and odor removal results available. The heat created much better carpet cleaning equipment power than using tap water with conventional non-heated carpet cleaning machines. The beauty is carpet dries in as little as two hours versus up to 24 hours with other commerical and industrial carpet cleaning equipment in the industry.

Save up to hundred of dollars in carpet cleaning chemicals by using our green carpet cleaning solution. In fact, our carpet stain cleaning chemicals clean up to 99% of carpet stains that would normally require up to 10 different and harmful carpet chemicals from other chemical providers or professional carpet cleaning contractors. Unfortunately, other companies' harmful carpet cleaning chemicals remain in the home, commercial, or industrial environment contributing towards poor indoor air quality. Keep in mind harmful carpet cleaning equipment chemicals may contribute towards the development of cancer. Daimer can help you!

Certainly, portable carpet cleaning equipment is especially important in a carpet cleaning machine and Daimer offers the portability you require. Our strategy is to offer the most tecnologically advanced and rugged carpet cleaning equipment and carpet shampoos in the industry.

Daimer carpet cleaning equipment is used by thousands of people in homes, commercial, industrial, business, institutional and government accounts. Our powerful vacuum systems in each and every XTreme Power model is of the highest quality for years of reliable work. The carpet extraction process is one of the most important aspects to successful and effective carpet cleaning and the vacuum extraction power is key to the carpet cleaning equipment's ultimate effectiveness.

We provide simple carpet cleaning equipment instructions with each and every home, commercial, and industrial machine to help you start your carpet upholstery cleaning work quickly. In fact, if you are a home user or or a commercial or industrial buyer who has never used commercial carpet cleaning equipment, you can expect professional carpet upholstery and carpet stain cleaning results like the professionals who offer the work for a living. Daimer offers you the best cleaning machines and chemicals, and you take it from there.

Purchase from Daimer for your carpet cleaning equipment and chemical solution needs, then take the next step towards safer, healthier, and more effective carpet upholstery cleaning results.

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