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Carpet Cleaning Products
Carpet Cleaning Products
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Carpet Cleaner Products

It's that time again - time to clean the carpets in the house or office. For professional carpet cleaners this is not a daunting task, since they are armed with the knowledge of not only how to properly clean certain carpet fabrics but also which carpet cleaning products should be used. The average individual might not be so fortunate. In fact, deciding which carpet cleaning product should be used might even reach to a level of frustration since there are so many carpet cleaning products on the market. Fortunately, with just a little bit of background knowledge of the different types of carpet cleaning products available, non-professionals should still be able to make the right buying decision.

Carpet cleaning products consist of stain removers, deodorizers or shampoos. Stain removers are effective at removing stains while deodorizers remove odors within carpeting. Shampoos remove carpeting dirt while also deodorizing. Some carpet cleaning products accomplish all of these tasks with just one solution. As far as what form carpet cleaning products take, the most popular in the industry consist of a liquid mixture.

While being the most common among carpet cleaning products, liquid carpet cleaners can cause an annoyance if too much is used. This is because most excess liquid carpet cleaning products that soak the carpet and do not dry quickly may result in a mold or mildew problem within the carpeting.

Eco-Green® carpet cleaning products not only help to clean most carpet stains better and more naturally than other brands, but also help deodorize. Using Eco-green® with a Daimer XTreme Power® professional home, commercial, or industrial carpet cleaning machine to help clean carpet stains quickly and effectively. Choose between a heated or non-heated carpet extractor for your specific needs and desires.

Carpet cleaning products can also be further categorized in terms of how they work. This basically means that there are carpet cleaning products that are 'green', (meaning they are environmentally-friendly), or those that work based on a chemical mixture. Green carpet cleaning chemicals and solutions work through elements found in nature, while the ingredients found in chemical-based carpet cleaners almost require a background in chemistry to understand. For these reasons, potential carpet cleaners should try to make green carpet cleaning solutions their first choice when selecting carpet cleaning products. Daimer satisfies this environmentally safe requirement in its very popular Eco-Green® green carpet cleaning solution.

Finally, carpet cleaning products are available and specially designed for carpet cleaners. Coming in a liquid form, carpet cleaning products in this category tend to do a little bit of everything from removing carpet dirt to deodorizing it. The above-mentioned Eco-Green ® carpet cleaning solution is an example of a carpet cleaning product that can be used with a carpet cleaner. If one decides to utilize the power of Eco-Green, it is recommended to use the product in conjunction with the XTreme Power® line of carpet cleaning machines, (also made from Daimer). XTreme Power ® contains models for home, commercial and industrial carpet cleaning.

In conclusion, when one knows the basics of carpet cleaning products, things become a little easier when it comes time to choosing one. These basics include knowing the different types of carpet cleaners available, green carpet cleaning solutions and carpet cleaning products that work with carpet cleaning machines. While general knowledge of carpet cleaning products may not match the expertise of carpet cleaning professionals, it is enough for tackling the most common carpet cleaning situations the average person might encounter. Consider Daimer for your carpet cleaning products.

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