Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Carpet Stain Removal
Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Carpet Stain Removal
7 Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Carpet Stain Removal
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Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Carpet Stain Removal
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Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Carpet Stain Removal
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Use Carpet Stain Remover For Carpet Steam Cleaning

Daimer®'s carpet steam cleaners are extremely powerful, offering the best options for carpet stain removal. A carpet stain remover is responsible for the two-fold process of injecting water and then extracting the dirty water from the carpet. Daimer® carpet steam cleaner machines, however, offer benefits and cleaning strength greater than traditional carpet steamers on the market.

Required Carpet Steam Features

A carpet steamer with a pressure level higher than 100 psi is required for adequate cleaning power. For this reason, Daimer®'s carpet steamer machines are equipped with high pressure levels for efficient cleaning. The XTreme Power® 5000 series offer pressure levels up to 170 psi to blast away tough stains. For maximum power the 9000 series ejects pressure levels up to 220 psi. The XPH-9600 and XPH 9650 models give the user optimal versatility and power with adjustable pressure levels up to 500 psi, allowing coverage across all carpet stain removal applications. The adjustable dial on this carpet steamer supports the cleaning of delicate carpets as well as carpets that require more power.

Daimer® carpet steam cleaners have a water lift extraction ranging from 100 to 250 inches. This powerful extraction picks up embedded dirt and moisture trapped within a carpet. Tools such as adjustable 12" carpet wands provide added extraction power to the carpet stain remover by creating a tighter seal with the carpet. These tools suction the unwanted substance and moisture from the rug's fabric, leaving carpet clean and relatively dry.

With hot water temperatures, a carpet stain remover can effortlessly dissolve hardened substances, dirt and stains. Additionally, these high temperatures help to remove odors from the carpet. XTreme Power® carpet steam cleaners are offered with hot water temperatures reaching 210°F. Extreme hot water temperatures may not be ideal for more delicate carpets. For this reason, Daimer® has incorporated dual-temperature control in its carpet steam cleaner machines, allowing operators to utilize the power of heat as needed while ejecting cold water for cleaning heat-sensitive carpets. In this case, use a carpet steam cleaner which is still equipped with the power needed to extract unwanted remains without causing damage to the carpet's material.

Advanced Technology and Options for Boosting Performance

Daimer®'s low flow technology creates numerous benefits for the operator. By using less water, the carpet stain remover enables carpets to dry in drastically reduced time - as little as two hours for carpets. Low flow carpet steamers also diminish possible risk of mold growing from the extended life of moisture in the carpet. Carpet steam cleaners that require less water lowers the cost of water disposal and post-usage cleanup.

In addition to enhanced productivity associated with low-flow technology, carpet cleaning machines by Daimer® also boast advanced cleaning power. However, it is recommended to first pre-spray carpets with an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution. Although adding additional detergent solutions to carpet cleaning machines is not necessary, it will provide even greater cleaning power for the most demanding applications. Simply add detergent and water to the detergent chamber of these powerful carpet stain removers and you are ready to clean. Up to 15 minutes may be required for heating the water within the carpet steamer prior to cleaning.

Daimer® has led the way by providing a line of eco-friendly green chemicals which can be used in conjunction with their carpet cleaning equipment. These carpet stain removers are non-toxic and plant-based making them safe for anything the solution comes in contact with. This benefits the user as the worry of using harmful chemicals is eliminated.

Daimer's Eco-Green® carpet stain removal products feature Micro-Blasting® technology for the removal of dirt and grease molecules. This technology aids the carpet steamer by penetrating undesirable molecules and forcing them to repel each other. These molecules are then detached from the fabric and are easily extracted by the carpet stain remover.

Daimer®'s XTreme Power carpet steamers are a great investment for powerful carpet stain removal. For a carpet steam cleaner and carpet steam cleaner products with high performance, strength and productivity you can depend on Daimer®'s XTreme Power series.

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