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Allergy Relief | Best Cleaning Machines
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Allergy Relief | Best Cleaning Machines
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Allergy Relief | Best Cleaning Machines

Cleaning Machines for Allergy Relief

Unclean carpet along with fabric surfaces can become a breeding ground for all kinds of unhealthy allergens. If these allergens are not taken care of, everyone in the house may have to suffer through allergy symptoms including runny eyes, coughing, stuffy ears and a sore throat. When things get to this level, one can take an anti-histamine, but as a result they will feel extremely drowsy all day. It is best to try to make sure things do not get to this stage by investing in the best cleaning machines for allergy relief: steam cleaners and carpet cleaning machines.

Steam cleaners are the best cleaning machines for allergy relief because they are more multipurpose than carpet cleaners. Steam cleaners can be used on things that should not or could not be cleaned by carpet cleaners such as fabric sofas, windows, children's toys, mirrors, spot cleaning carpet, and even in drains. All of this is thanks to the beauty of steam cleaner attachments.

Which specific type of steam cleaner should be used for allergy relief? In reality, all types of steam cleaners assist in allergy relief, though some brands are better than others. For instance, some steam cleaning models are what is known as continuous fill meaning that one does not have to be shut down in order to add water to the steam cleaner's boiler. This is an added plus when cleaning for very long periods of time.

There is also the issue of heat, as some steam cleaners get hotter than others, (which helps for killing mold, providing for another form of allergy relief.) Other steam cleaners don't get hot enough to generate the temperatures and cleaning power to effectively create allergy relief. There are also steam cleaners that can allow one to set the steam cleaning pressure, which can be handy when dealing with certain types of cleaning issues. It also helps in conserving water. Daimer's KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S is an example of this type of device.

Carpet cleaning machines are another type of equipment that serve as the best cleaning machines for allergy relief, at least when it comes to just handling allergens that exist within carpet fibers. The allergy relief element of carpet cleaning machines becomes enhanced if one uses a green carpet cleaning solution with it during cleaning. For example, Daimer offers a green carpet cleaning solution known as Eco-Green ® . This solution, which is expected to be used with Daimer's XTreme Power® carpet cleaning machines, destroys carpet allergens and helps remove animal dander, pollen, dust mites, fur, fleas, bugs, and more through an all natural, green cleaning process. No longer does the person cleaning the carpet have to worry about breathing in air that has become toxic due to the chemical cesspools found within the average, brand-name carpet cleaning solution or shampoo.

In conclusion, the best cleaning machines for allergy relief are steam cleaners and carpet cleaning machines. Steam cleaners have an advantage over carpet cleaners in that they can clean allergen-ridden surfaces that carpet cleaners cannot. Carpet cleaners, on the other end of the spectrum, are specifically designed for cleaning carpets. A carpet cleaner becomes one of the best cleaning machines for allergy relief when it is used with eco-friendly green carpet cleaning solutions like Eco-Green® . If a consumer is able to purchase both a steam cleaner and a carpet cleaner they will be completely equipped in the fight against removing allergens.

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