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Carpet Upholstery Cleaning
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Carpet Upholstery Cleaning
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Unlike flooring within residences or commercial or industrial buildings, car flooring comes in one variety: carpeting. This means it can undergo the same types of problems with stains and dirt as carpeting in buildings. Car mats can help prevent some of these problems, but some are made of carpet-like materials themselves. Hope is not lost, however, since carpet upholstery cleaning can generally be handled in the same manner as general carpet cleaning. This means utilization of a combination of the best in the carpet cleaning industry: Daimer's XTreme Power ® professional home, commercial industrial carpet cleaning machines and equipment, and Daimer's special Eco-Green ® carpet cleaning solution.

There are several different brands of the XTreme Power® line of carpet cleaning machines. All of them are highly effective at carpet upholstery cleaning, yet because there are significant price differences among them, it is best for individuals not needing a commercial-grade carpet cleaning machine consider buying the XTreme Power ® XPC 5700, 5800T, or 5900I. Before the XTreme Power carpet cleaning machine is actually used, one should first make an effort to vacuum the car with a portable auto vacuum cleaner. These types of vacuum cleaners, which can be powered through the car's cigarette lighter, are specially designed for vacuuming carpet upholstery.

After vacuuming the carpet upholstery, one is ready to actually start the process of carpet upholstery cleaning. The process for this will not differ too much from regular carpet cleaning except for the fact that one will have to use the special upholstery wand that can be purchased with the XTreme Power® home or commercial industrial carpet cleaning machine. However, one thing to keep in mind is the carpet upholstery carpet cleaning machines are best used on velour or cloth upholstery and not leather or (For leather upholstery, consider Daimer's KleenJet® vapor steam cleaners or seek out all natural leather cleaners).

The carpet cleaning solution that should be used once carpet upholstery cleaning is started is Eco-Green® , a revolutionary carpet cleaning solution that is considered 'green'. This means that during and after its use, no harmful chemicals are or will be released into the environment. Eco-Green® can also save the consumer money since it can remove a variety of stains, (the complete list of stains Eco-Green® can remove is listed on Daimer's website at: If Eco-Green® was not used, one would have to do like many others, which is buying a large array of chemical carpet cleaners which not only do not do the job as effectively, but are also not as healthy. Using Eco-Green ® carpet cleaning solution is as environmentally responsible as recycling.

In conclusion, carpet upholstery cleaning is extremely easy when one uses Daimer's XTreme Power® carpet cleaning machines in conjunction with Eco-Green® carpet cleaning solution. With these two wondrous carpet cleaning assets available, car upholstery can not only look like new, but also smell fresh and clean. All of this can be done without any guilt or concern that one might be breathing in or releasing harmful agents into the air. Carpet upholstery cleaning is truly not such if one decides to bypass using this extremely powerful combination.

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