Best High Pressure Washers for Powerful Pressure Washing

Best High Pressure Washers for Powerful Pressure Washing
3 Best High Pressure Washers for Powerful Pressure Washing
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Best High Pressure Washers for Powerful Pressure Washing
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Using the Best Pressure Washers for a Variety of Challenging Cleaning Tasks

Pressure washers are the preferred cleaning machines of professionals, when it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning. The powerful cleaning action of pressure washing systems and their ability to clean a wide variety of surfaces make these pressure washers the first choice of operators for cleaning commercial and industrial facilities.

A good pressure washer can clean concrete surfaces, brick walls, driveways, walkways, parking lots, walls, and even vehicles, such as cars and trucks, with consummate ease. A pressure washer can also be used to clean commercial and farm equipment, hard surfaces, and other areas which need power as a major feature for achieving comprehensive cleaning results.

The Role of Pressure Washing Equipment in Commercial Cleaning

There are different types of pressure washing machines available on the market and they are used for different types of cleaning applications. Different commercial pressure washers come with different temperatures and methods used for heating and powering. Pressure washers are also ideal auto detailing machines and deliver superior cleaning results.

Why Operators Prefer High Pressure Washers?

Water temperature is one area that buyers look at closely when they buy commercial pressure washers. The best pressure cleaner machines provide operators the option of using these pressure washing systems in cold water, hot water, or steam mode. Different types of cleaning operations demand varying levels of water temperature. Dirt that has accumulated and hardened over a period of time needs high water temperature and exceptionally high level of pressure to dislodge and dissolve the stubborn grime. Power washing machines with high temperature provide the additional advantage of sanitizing the surface they are used on.

Cold water pressure cleaners can be used to clean any type of hard surface, but they are not so effective when it comes to removing oily stains or grease residue. Cold water pressure washing equipment are also not recommended for cleaning grout and tile, as mere cold water cannot eliminate the bacteria and fungi growth usually found in such places.

The Advantage of Using Commercial Grade Pressure Washers

Steam is the third element in a good commercial pressure washer. High pressure cleaners that use steam to clean can do a great job of cleaning a variety of surfaces. The only problem is the cost of power washing systems which is higher than conventional cleaning machines. Steam has been accepted as a powerful cleaning agent and can help operators eliminate dirt, grease, minute debris, food particles, and lots more. Most importantly, these machines also sanitize the surface on which they are used, leading to cleaning results of the highest levels.

Daimer®, the best-known and leading supplier of power washing machines and auto detailing machines, offers high pressure washers, such as the Super Max™ 12840. This powerful commercial pressure washer offers cleaning with all three options in one equipment. Operators can use this pressure washer to tackle all their cleaning needs with the highest degree of efficacy.

Pressure cleaner machines also come with options of fuel energy needed to make these machines heat and power. You can choose from power washing systems that run on propane, gas, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, and even kerosene. The Super Max™ 12820 from Daimer® is high pressure washing equipment that can be heated by kerosene, heating oil, or diesel. These machines offer you the convenience of choosing the best fuel for your specific cleaning operations.

Professional commercial industrial high pressure washers can be useful for many tasks in commercial and industrial settings. Pressure washing can be used to clean concrete, brick, driveways, walkways, parking lots, walls, or even cars, trucks, farm equipment, and other vehicles and machines. Regardless of why you would want to use high pressure washers in your field, you need to understand some basic differences between the machines available on the market.

The main differences can be divided into two categories: water temperature and heating method. In order to do the most effective pressure washing possible, you need to understand the significance of these differences and use that knowledge to help you make the right choice from among the high pressure washers available on the market.

First, we should focus on the difference between available water temperatures. Most high pressure washers/ can deliver cold water, hot water, or steam. All three temperatures work well on different types of cleaning. Hot water pressure washing is an excellent choice for cleaning caked on dirt or anything that could benefit from the sanitizing power of the heated water. Cold water high pressure washers, on the other hand, do a good job on most types of cleaning but won't be much use on anything that is normally hard to clean, such as tile and grout. Plus, the cold water won't do much to eliminate the bacteria growing around the dirty area.

The third possibility is steam. Generally, high pressure washers that use steam cost more than cold water pressure washing equipment which is why fewer people choose them. However, the steam is a highly effective cleaning agent that gets rid of dirt, grease, oil, grime, food particles, and much more, but also kills bacteria and other nasty germs you don't want lurking around your commercial or industrial facility.

The best commercial industrial high pressure washers, such as the Super Max™ 12840, actually allows you to choose all three options with one single piece of equipment. That means you'll have the perfect pressure washing machine available for any of your cleaning needs.

Next, we need to look at the different types of energy used to make these high pressure washers work in the first place. You will find quite a few options: propane, gas, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. The price and availability of these different fuels is frequently the deciding factor. For example, when gas prices were well over $3 per gallon, it would be more cost effective to use the less expensive diesel or kerosene run models. When gas prices come down, however, the reverse might be true. In a nutshell, while one type of fuel might be the best choice for your high pressure washers today they might not be the best choice tomorrow.

Again, having more options is going to be a tremendous benefit to you because you can use the fuel that best fits your needs and your budget. The Super Max™ 12820 high pressure washer, for example, can run on heating oil, kerosene, or diesel. You have the option of choosing the most convenient heating fuel for your particular application.

Essentially, as you look for the best high pressure washers keep in mind that the more choices you have the more versatile your cleaning equipment is going to be and the better your pressure washing results.

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