Cleaning Carpet Stains

Cleaning Carpet Stains
6 Cleaning Carpet Stains
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Cleaning Carpet Stains
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Cleaning Carpet Stains with All Natural Cleaning Solutions

Nothing is a worse eyesore than carpet stains. Even one carpet stain could make carpeting look so bad that one may want to consider replacing the room's flooring. Of course, such an option is only available to extremely rich individuals as new flooring can cost hundreds possibly thousands of dollars. Besides, if carpet is chosen for the new flooring, unless plastic runners are consistently used, staining can still be a problem. A better alternative can be found in simply cleaning carpet stains.

What method works best when cleaning carpet stains? The answer depends on what type of stain one is dealing with. The most common carpet stains are from: food, beverages and other fluids, pets (who defecate or urinate on the carpet), mold or mildew or vomit. If the carpet stain is from a liquid that has no dyes, all one has to do is to immediately blot the area with a wet cloth or towel. If the stain is a result of a something that is colored or dyed, one should use professional home, commercial, or industrial carpet cleaning equipment to get the substances trapped within the deeper layers of the carpet.

The best carpet cleaning equipment for cleaning carpet stains of this nature is Daimer's XTreme Power® series carpet cleaning machines. This carpet cleaning equipment can be used in conjunction with Eco-Green ®, an environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solution also made from Daimer. Chemical carpet cleaning solutions can be an alternative to this, though they are not as effective in removing all of a carpet's stain.

If one is cleaning carpet stains created from germy substances, such as feces, urine, mold or mildew, it is important to make sure the area is disinfected. If one is cleaning carpet stains with a heated carpet cleaner, then most likely the germs would already be killed by the heat, but the green cleaning chemicals will still be necessary for effective cleaning carpet stains from the surface.

For mold or mildew, Daimer's Eco-Green® mold remover carpet cleaning chemicals work wonderfully and is all natural like the brand's other formulas for cleaning carpet stains. Not only does it kill whatever germs created by the mold or mildew, but it works very well as a removal agent. For feces or urine use Eco-Green ® carpet cleaning solution. Cleaners that are specially designed for these types of stains not only act as excellent disinfectants, but can also remove the odor. Eco-Green® carpet cleaner can be used on a virtually unlimited number of substances that people spill onto carpet. In addition, our green cleaners can also be used for deodorizing and freshening up carpet that has been soiled by urine, feces, and others.

In conclusion, carpets can avoid needing to be replaced if one makes a habit of cleaning carpet stains. Carpet stains can be cleaned through water and a cloth, carpet cleaning machines or in conjunction with chemical carpet cleaner. With any of these methods, one thing remains essential: the importance of immediately addressing the stain when it first happens. If one cleans carpet stains as soon as they occur, the likelihood that it won't come out at all is significantly lessened. This is especially the case when cleaning carpet stains without the aide of a carpet cleaning machine. If one has a carpet cleaning machine, time is not as important though an effort should be made to still try to clean the carpet stain as soon as possible.

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