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Carpet Rug Cleaning Solution

When it comes to decorating a home or office, a rug can add a finishing touch that a carpet just can't. Why? It is because carpets come in just one color, while rugs can come in an array of designs or colors. Unfortunately, rugs are still made of the same type of material as carpet meaning despite their superior aesthetic quality, they are not immune to dirt or stains. Just like with carpet, a rug can get ruined if it contains even one stubborn, small stain. This is why it is important to adopt a proper carpet rug cleaning regime.

The first step to carpet rug cleaning is the same as regular carpet cleaning: removing the dirt. For large rugs this can be accomplished by vacuum cleaning. When vacuuming the rug, it is important to make sure any 'frills' on the end of the rug don't get caught up in the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner attachments or alternatively portable vacuum cleaners can be used to get the spaces close to these areas. Small rugs do not need to be vacuumed as the dirt can simply be shaken by hand. However, it is recommended to do this outside, if the rug contains a lot of debris. Doing this will prevent having to vacuum or clean the floor underneath wherever the smaller rug is being shaken.

The second step to carpet rug cleaning involves actually cleaning the rug. Throw rugs are the most simple to clean, as they can be put in the washing machine. For drying throw rugs can be hung outside. Cleaning area rugs unfortunately is not as simple, mainly because they are too large to fit in a washing machine. Smaller area rugs can be cleaned in a bathtub, however, and also dried outside. Larger rugs will need to be cleaned with a home, commercial, or industrial carpet cleaning machine or carpet cleaning chemicals.

Daimer's XTreme Power® home, commercial, and industrial carpet cleaning machines for cleaning rugs. Daimer's Eco-Green® carpet rug cleaning chemical can be used as the carpet cleaning solution in the XTreme Power ® carpet cleaning machine. This combo will effectively clean a rug while keeping the environment healthy. The most recommended carpet cleaning chemicals are ones that are completely all natural and plant based carpet shampoo chemicals: green carpet cleaning solutions. You won't find any other carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning chemical solution on the market as safe and effective in helping remove the largest variety of carpet stains.

In conclusion, rugs, while perhaps in the minds of some prettier than carpeting, still require the same maintenance as regular carpet. The process of carpet rug cleaning varies depending on the rug. Smaller rugs can be cleaned in the washing machine or bathtub while larger rugs are cleaned in the same manner as regular carpeting. This includes utilization of the best carpet cleaners and carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning chemical solutions. Doing these things will significantly extend the life of one's rug, ensuring that no further investments of new rugs have to be made unless of course an individual wants a change in atmosphere.

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